Friday Random Thoughts

*There is a pretty big lice outbreak going on at school. So far, we’re good here at our house, and working to prevent the boys from contracting it by shampooing with tea tree oil mixed in with their shampoo plus blow-drying their hair after showers (lice hate heat), and not wearing hooded sweatshirts to school. Both boys have been checked by nurses (“professional nurses” per both of them, nonetheless) and are fine. So WHY can I not stop itching my head? (PS…I don’t have lice.)

*Getting a hotel bid to go through on Priceline feels like winning a prize, doesn’t it?

*Free laugh for the day courtesy of my nephew, Will…check out his awesome air drum solo!

Happy weekend! It’s Jack Henry’s family birthday party here, so there’s lots to do…

3 responses to “Friday Random Thoughts

  1. See, now you made my head itch…. thanks.

  2. where are you staying?! 🙂

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