15 Minutes

This morning, I got one of those “whoa, times have certainly changed” wake-up calls.

I had a meeting to be at 8:45 this morning, so I was going to need to leave the house, completely ready to go, earlier than I usually do. Luckily, the boys all woke up a few minutes earlier than they usually do, and when I got out of the shower, I found them already downstairs.

I informed them of my morning agenda, and said, “I could really use your help getting everything done this morning. You know, dishwasher, lunches, breakfast…”

They agreed without complaining (whaaattt?) and I told them I’d be back downstairs in 15 minutes, after I’d gotten myself ready.

15 minutes later, I could not believe my eyes when I got down to the kitchen.

Cereal, milk, bowls, spoons and cups were sitting on the bar, ready for breakfast.

A snack of pretzels was in a small container for each boy, along with a full water bottle.

Luke was sitting on a barstool in front of the microwave, having just finished completely preparing his and Bennett’s lunches, which consisted of a heated-up cheese tortilla wrap (put in their thermoses to stay warm until lunch), a container of applesauce, and a serving (slightly larger than I’d put in there, but HELLO, WHO CARES??) of Tostitos.

Oh, and the dishwasher was almost completely unloaded.

Most mornings, the boys are really helpful, doing parts of all of the things listed above. However, I had no idea they’d kill it like this when given the opportunity!

I mean, just 5 or 6 years ago, leaving the 2 of them alone for 15 minutes could have been disastrous. How far we’ve come πŸ™‚

5 responses to “15 Minutes

  1. Absolutely AMAZING!!! I heart them!

  2. This would be almost unbelievable to me, except that I saw how organized & helpful they were before school when we had them on Mon! Ron & I both asked questions as to what we still needed to do, but they totally had things under control. (I had the distinct feeling that they could have accomplished their preps better if we’d just gotten out of the way! πŸ™‚ ) Never once had to get on anyone’s case about dawdling, etc. A smooth-running machine you’ve got going there, I’d say!!!

  3. It is in the air today! I came home to Will unloading the dishwasher …on his own without being told. THEN I grabbed the electric broom to quickly sweep the kitchen and he took it from me and said “no I’ll do that”….what?!?!?

  4. You give me hope for the future. Seriously.

  5. WOW! That’s awesome! Way to go Diehl boys!

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