Blog Break

Obviously, I’m taking a bit of a break here…and it’s not on purpose!

Our modem is crippled, but we’re making it just limp along until Oct 22, when our new AT&T services get installed.

In the meantime, here’s what’s going on:
-Nashville trip WILL be blogged about
-Luke’s having his first cross-country race, so that should get a post soon
-I’m having a sale at Here’s the Diehl, and it’s the last one of 2012! Buy any 2 hair accessories, including American Girl doll, get 1 of equal or lesser value free! Convo me through etsy or send me a message through my Facebook page and I’ll set up a listing for you!
-I’m heading to Chicago with friends for a weekend away…so excited!

And here’s what’s coming up:
The FIVE year anniversary of my blog! I seriously can’t believe it’s been so long. To celebrate, I’m going to have some fun giveaways several days in a row. Thankfully, things should be up and running smoothly by then.

Thanks for sticking with me!

2 responses to “Blog Break

  1. FIVE YEARS!! I remember trying to convince you to start a blog…and then helping you brainstorm the name. So glad you started this 🙂

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