12 in ’12 Date 8: Lucky Number 13

October 9th was Matt’s and my 13th anniversary! And this would have been posted near then, except that we had major internet/cable connection issues for the past 2 weeks, and all of that is now resolved and working, as we are now AT&T customers!

But enough boring stuff.

Since we decided to run away to Nashville again for the weekend, just like last year since it was so much fun, this counts as our October date. Best. Date. Ever.

Our original plan was to leave on Friday (the 5th) afternoon for Nashville, so when we woke up Saturday morning, we’d have the whole day ahead of us. Then, we found out that Luke could run in a cross-country meet on Friday afternoon, plus he had an event up at church, so we changed our plans. Instead (and this was all Matt’s idea), we planned to get up at 3:45am and head out as soon as we got ready.

Naturally, it rained Friday all day, eventually cancelling the cross-country meet. Oh well. We tried.

So while we were glad to have so much of Saturday to spend in Nashville after our 4:15 departure, there were several times that day when one or both of us was regretting the early wake-up just a little bit.

We started the day in Franklin, perusing the antique and other shops in the downtown area. Lots of fun places, but my two favorites had to be Philanthropy and this awesome shop full of antique items being recycled/upcycled, whose name I can’t recall. We lunched at McCreary’s Pub, where our first brush with southern hospitality occurred…it was very crowded in this tiny place, and a sweet family offered to scoot over and let us share their table with them! So, so nice…and, we ended up chatting and they strongly encouraged us to go to one of the historic sites on our short list.

I’m SO glad they recommended Carnton Plantation. It’s a home that was caught in the middle of the Civil War’s Battle of Franklin, and the house became a field hospital for the Confederate Army, caring for hundreds of wounded and dying soldiers. There are literally blood stains in the wood floors of the bedrooms. Utterly fascinating, and made even more amazing by an incredibly passionate historian who took us on the tour.

After all of that seriousness, we headed to the mall, and then downtown to our hotel. We loved our location, and no Priceline view this time! Oh, and the plate of chocolate-covered strawberries accidentally waiting for us in our room (they were supposed to go to another guest, but they let us keep the ones they’d already put in our room)! We headed out for the evening, and despite the rain, had a nice dinner and evening, capped off by the entertainment of the guy who walks around downtown with an inflated condom on his hat, selling condoms for a dollar to couples as they walk by. And here’s a related PSA: please, if you need a condom, don’t buy it from a guy on the street corner. End of announcement.

Sunday was spent breakfasting at the Loveless Cafe, touring Belle Meade (which we LOVED…more fascinating history), visiting Antique Archaeology (the Nashville store for the show “American Pickers”), and then watching the Cardinals-Nationals game, before heading out for a late dinner at Merchant’s (downstairs, on the casual menu).

We also managed to sneak in some fun stops on Monday morning before heading out of town, starting off with a belly full of pancakes from Pancake Pantry, and a tour of the Ryman, which was very cool. Also, my amazing husband suggested we return to the mall to get a purse from the Fossil outlet store that I’d seen and loved on Saturday, so we took care of that, too šŸ™‚

HUGE thanks to my sister and Matt’s parents for hanging out with our boys so we could get away!

3 responses to “12 in ’12 Date 8: Lucky Number 13

  1. Sounds like a fun and packed weekend!

    He suggested going back to a *mall* to get you a *purse*? The guy is a keeper. šŸ™‚

  2. Good to read your re-cap here! I really think Ron & I would enjoy Nashville sometime, so if we go, we’ll have a ready agenda. šŸ™‚ We thoroughly enjoyed helping Hayley out w/ the boys!

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