Challenge, Revisited, Take 2

In 2008, I wrote about Bennett’s minor sensory issue regarding clothes. It was minor in the realm of OT/diagnoses/treatable stuff, but for us, it was majorly life- and sanity-disrupting.

In 2009, I wrote a follow-up post, discussing how far he’d come in a year’s time, and how little his sensory issue interfered with daily life.

In the years since I last wrote about this, Bennett’s just gradually gotten over more of his little sensory quirks. I’d say the remaining one that I have to pay attention to is socks, which I buy for approximately a million dollars at Stride Rite since he’ll wear those without any complaint. He’s not a huge fan of his Chuck Taylors, but he wears them to church without a problem. He’ll now wear athletic pants (and actually prefers them), and he can layer shirts or wear a collared shirt, even though he doesn’t prefer them.

Tonight, though, as I looked at a picture of my boys from Trunk-or-Treat night, and saw Bennett in his costume, I almost cried.

Let’s talk about what he’s wearing (we can talk about weirdo Luke’s getup in a minute):
1. 2 shirts, long-sleeve under button down
2. 2 shirts TUCKED IN
3. Cleats
4. Not his normal socks
5. A beard

2008 Nicole would have laughed at 2012 Nicole if she had the audacity to suggest this was possible.

I truly think I have his love of baseball to thank for some of this. He loves it enough to wear cleats (he has this cute little ritual when he puts them on at home before practice or a game, where he runs a few laps around the house to “break them in” every time), he loves it enough to wear tall, thick socks, and he loves it enough to tuck in his jersey. And all of that has helped with the everyday stuff, especially over this last year.

I think he’s always going to be a little quirkier than most about his clothes, but that’s ok. Quirky I can handle.


Now let’s talk for a second about Luke and his costume.

When Matt suggested that he be a baseball player (because I love Halloween and dressing up, but I don’t love spending a bunch of money on it), Luke asked if he could be Brian Wilson. Matt and I thought that was pretty clever, and I felt like we could pull together a costume for not much money and in the 2 days’ time we had left to do it. Not to mention, friends on Facebook came through for us with Giants gear!

We went to the Halloween store, where I had to have my boys put on blinders to shield them from all of the slutty costumes in every aisle, and we found a black beard that was acceptable. Bennett was going to be Brian Wilson, too, but Luke wasn’t thrilled that B was taking his idea, so when we saw a full brown beard (called the “Hungover Beard“), I suggested that he be Jason Motte instead, and he was excited about that.

So Luke got to be Wilson himself.

That hair was crazy to do, but it was fun. A whole can of black hairspray to get it that dark, and then 3 serious hair/head scrubbings to remove it all…there are still some tiny flecks, but it’s fine.

And we get to do it all again on Wednesday night!


I didn’t want to leave out Jack Henry. He’s a cute little Obi-Wan Kenobi who doesn’t want to carry his light saber, lest it interfere with his candy collecting.

3 responses to “Challenge, Revisited, Take 2

  1. Love it all! Did you paint Luke’s finger nails too?

  2. Oh, how well I remember a couple of those bad years for Bennett–everyday living problems with the sensory issue, but most especially Halloween–because, seriously, virtually every costume is a sensory hot mess! No, never would I have imagined Bennett being able to tolerate his get-up this year!

    Luke’s hair!!!!

    And JH–not wanting to mess w/ the intrusive light saber!

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