“What? Girls Can Mow the Lawn?”

“You never told me that!”

This for real came out of Jack Henry’s mouth this week when he saw a middle-aged woman mowing her yard. He still didn’t believe me when I told him that I’ve mowed our yard several times (not to mention at both other houses we’ve owned, plus when I was growing up), even doing so once this past summer. And even now, he’s not sure I’m telling the truth.


Sunday night, my friend Kelli walked into our small group meeting after dropping her daughter at church for choir practice. She congratulated me on our upcoming adoption (which she knew was not on our radar) – she’d heard from another mom at church that her son, who is in Jack Henry’s class, had told her that we were adopting.

Um, NO. No we’re not. I know many families who have adopted and are planning adoptions, but that’s not us.

I was panicked after that, thinking he’d possibly announced it to his class, but so far, no other moms have said anything to me. I literally woke him up when I got home from small group to ask him about this, and he said that he’d told his friend C that he wanted us to adopt. Which makes sense, because he’s said that to me before (that he’d like to be a big brother).

So whether he said he wanted to or that we were, C understood that we were, and excitedly told his parents about it after church.

We have talked a lot about adoption. The older boys, obviously, have a much better handle on why people adopt, etc. Jack Henry always just catches the bits and pieces that make sense to him. Which explains why he thought, if we adopted a girl, we should choose one of his cousins.

Insert conversation about orphans and orphan care.

Never a dull moment.

2 responses to ““What? Girls Can Mow the Lawn?”

  1. I’m sitting here reading this out loud to Sharon here in our computer room, and we’re both just hooting!! Both the lawn-mowing incredulousness & your near-adoption: we think JH has surpassed the older boys’ unknowingly comedic remarks/conversations!

  2. LOVE the pic of Jack Henry. Classic. Love that kid.

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