He’s Still Little

I hope you’re not sick of hearing about Jack Henry…he is just providing the most blog fodder, and if you can’t tell, I’ve been in a bit of slump.

But I’m going to turn that around!

So often, I forget that he’s just barely five. I’m sure it’s some combination of the following:
-he’s the youngest, so he acts older at five than the others did at this age
-none of my kids are babies anymore, so gone are all of the diapers and bottles, etc., which also means…
-…all of the boys are pretty self-sufficient. I help with shoe-tying and stuck zippers and the like, but daily they dress themselves, etc.
-Jack Henry is reading and writing like the other boys did at kindergarten or older

Case in point for the last reason in the list: at his school, they aren’t allowed to bring in a food treat for school to celebrate their birthdays (too many allergies). Instead, they all bring in a little trinket to give their friends, like a sheet of stickers, fun pencils, etc. I thought it would totally annoying to get trinkety junk all of the time, but parents have been extremely creative in their little gifts!

This week, JH brought home a little ziploc with a stack of plain yellow post-it notes, one of those push-up pencils, and a big yellow eraser. This gift has provided so much fun for him…he’s never used post-it notes, and it’s clear that he loves them!



See? When he writes out stuff like that, asking me for help spelling the hard words, I forget that he’s a preschooler.

Last night, though, I got a reminder.

Sitting on my lap getting ready to say nighttime prayers, he discovered that his fairly-new little Webkinz stuffed dog had a big hole in its belly. If you’ve seen us anywhere the past few weeks, you’ve seen this dog…Jack Henry absolutely loves him. His eyes filled with tears immediately, even as I was already assuring him I could fix it. *SIDENOTE: over the years, my boys have had lots of Webkinz stuffed animals, and they’re seriously the worst-made piece of junk stuffed animal ever. I’ll bet I’ve fixed every one of them we own.*

Bennett immediately got out of bed and headed for a basket of stuffed animals to show Jack Henry how I’d fixed one of his, and how it turned out just fine, which was so sweet, since Bennett, of late, is not exactly warm and fuzzy towards this brother.

I jokingly said, “Hey, I can be just like Doc McStuffins [new Disney Junior show he loves] and fix him right up for you!” which made his silent tears turn into actual crying. Ugh…this was not going well.

I asked what was wrong, and he hugged Waffle (yes, that’s the tiny stuffed pug’s name, a joke to go along with a Webkinz pug Luke named Pancake years ago) and said, “But I love him. What if you can’t fix him?”

So sweet. That’s a preschooler’s response to a ripped stuffed animal!

He was asleep last night before I could get it fixed, but I went in and tucked Waffle under his arm while he snoozed. He’ll wake soon, and I can’t wait to hear how happy he is to have him back.

7 responses to “He’s Still Little

  1. 1. I will never tire of hearing about any of your boys. They are pure sunshine.
    2. You’re fabulous.
    3. I nearly cried over Waffles. His pure and unconditional love is so beautiful. Us grown ups have a love to learn from these kiddos.
    4. Your little man is writing INCREDIBLY well! Great job, JH!
    5. I’ve got nothing. I just thought it would look cooler with 5 points. 😉

  2. ^^^^(Everything mamacravings said!) Made me wish I’d been there to be the “hero” to whip that hole up on Waffle! So, so sweet! LOVE the post-its w/ his adorable printing!!! Honestly, he’s going to be the smartest kid in his k-garten class next year. It’s almost making me as sad as it does you that your last little boy is growing up so much; I want him to stay just on this side of toddlerhood!! (And, for that matter, I’m extremely sad that your oldest will be writing his age w/ TWO numbers next month . . . 😦 )

    • I know you’ve definitely sewed some of those ripped Webkinz when you were here (and I was happy to turn them over into your much more capable hands!).

      I will be so lost at the beginning of next school year.

  3. 1. Robots / green and blue bathroom motif – new? Love it.
    2. Seriously, his writing is better than some in WILL’S class!!!!
    3. I know. 10 is scaring me. It’s, like, tweenage.
    4. Why don’t we live closer? I could totally help fill up that free time next school year.
    5. Webkins, though – still having fun with that on the computer despite the cheaply made animals?

    • 1. Nope! It’s been like that since we got it painted. I still love those robots.
      2. It’s crazy.
      3. Next thing we know, they’ll be sneaking off to meet each other somewhere on the Quad 🙂
      4. For real. Work on that, please 😉
      5. Not often, which is why I was like, “A Webkinz? Really?” but whatever.

  4. What a sweet kid. I love when you blog/facebook about Jack Henry. 🙂

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