I decided to dust a bit today (momentous, due to my hatred for this task, because things are always dusty again in like 10 hours) in the boys’ rooms.

Came across this.


Seems harmless enough. A pic of the brothers, 3 stupid participation trophies + 2 that were earned.

But take a closer look.


Should I be concerned? 🙂 In Luke’s defense he shows no other psychopathic tendencies that I know of.

Moms of boys, comment. Make me feel like it’s normal to find weird stuff like this.

8 responses to “Boys.

  1. I walked into Sloan’s room a few months ago and he had taped a picture to his wall. It was drawn on a paper plate (resourceful boy) and it was a picture of a stick figure lying on the ground with red all around him. “It’s a picture of a dead man,” he said. “Um…how did he die?” I asked. “He was torn apart by hungry lions.”

    Buh-lieve me…if anyone has cuase for concern, it’s me.

  2. I once found a lego man hanging from the stand our fish tank is on. He had a long piece of yard tied around his neck. I was a little disturbed. I asked about it and the reply was “It’s Indiana Jones” along with the theme song being hummed.

  3. It could be just an ingenious way to affix his Lego man to the trophy. Some in our house have “obsessive tendencies” and when they need something to stay, they NEED it to stay.

    • haha! I love that comment, Pam! Luke IS the kid who went through miles and miles of tape during one stage of his life, affixing paper and toys to everything!

  4. No worries, Nicole. Totally normal for boys. I personally don’t get it, but three boys in, I can verify there is nothing to be concerned about! : )
    Carrie F.

  5. LOL!!! I don’t even want to know how Matt & T. H. played with some of their toys!!!

  6. This made me laugh so hard. Seriously.

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