Thanksgiving 2012, In Bullets, Because Now It’s 6 Days Late.

*I hosted Thanksgiving for my side of the family last week! It was a success, if I do say so myself. We had 11 adults and 6 kids, and I made a boatload of turkey (recipes will be posted to Three More Bites soon!). It was my first time cooking something with a carcass a turkey, and while I didn’t love the process at all, the end result was quite tasty!

*I made this thankfulness tree, and I was happy that people participated! Here’s how ours looked:

*The only other fun Pinterest-y thing I did was use Mason jars and label them with our names, which was an easy solution to the “we don’t have enough glasses” problem I was facing:

*On Friday, we headed to Effingham to hang out with the Diehls! We ate til we were stuffed yet again, and enjoyed some good times with the family. I have to get better about getting my camera out at these gatherings, because I have no pictures of the boys playing with their cousins!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

4 responses to “Thanksgiving 2012, In Bullets, Because Now It’s 6 Days Late.

  1. Love the Thankfulness Tree!! Also, the Mason jars! Kudos to you for hosting your 1st Thanksgiving & handling the disgusting turkey. I detest the prep–handling it raw, as well as carving it up when roasted!! But how I love eating it!

  2. Thanksgiving was a success, Nicole! You’re a great host (family)!

  3. Gah! Why are your posts showing up in my email anymore? I thought you had gotten as lazy as I have with your blogging. Anyway, it sounds like it was a success. Yay! Now I need to read all of these that I’ve missed. 🙂

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