Downton Abbey

This is what my laundry pile looks like right now:


Oh, and this:


side note: is it normal that I do a load of athletic pants/shorts/shirts every single week? Discuss.

I’ll spare you the gory details via pictures, but the bathrooms are a disaster, the kitchen floor is gritty, and there’s not much to eat around here.

And it’s all Downton Abbey‘s fault. Ok, and the fault of the craft fair I was preparing for all week, which forced me to spend hours in front of the TV.

16.5 hours, to be exact. Two whole seasons’ worth of shows. In 6 days’ time. But I was really, really productive, so I can justify that, right?

I don’t even really know what to say if you haven’t watched it yet, because I can’t adequately describe how much I love the whole thing. There are characters I couldn’t stand at the beginning, and now love, and storylines that I can’t wait to see played out when the new season begins on January 6th. The storytelling is amazing, and the costumes and sets are gorgeous, and the history of the period (early 1900’s) is fascinating.

My only tiny complaint about the show is that it’s sometimes hard to understand how much time has passed when there’s a scene change. Sometimes, it’s minutes; other times, it’s apparently months later based on what they’re talking about, but no indication of that has really been given.

If you haven’t watched it, put it on your Christmas list, try to get it from your local library, stream it through Hulu Plus, or borrow it from a friend. Be ready when season 3 starts! šŸ™‚


So today brings cleaning, organizing, outside-lights-decorating (Matt’s done his part; I still need to do mine), getting my thoughts together on what I still need to buy for Christmas (God bless online shopping and Ebates – I love when the packages arrive, and I love when Ebates sends me a Big Fat Check), and actually decorating the inside of the house, since it seems I am the last person on earth to do so.

PS: I just checked Amazon, and today Downton Abbey Seasons 1&2 are a Gold Box deal: only $23.99! It says original and unedited, which is what I borrowed, I assume.

10 responses to “Downton Abbey

  1. I have watched bits and pieces of it and I’m just so confused! But, I will be trying to watch it here and there until January 6. Hopefully, I can catch up! (I have season 1 and I think season 2 through Amazon!) And btw, I’m so glad I’m not the only one with loads of laundry folded and in baskets all over and my house a wreck. Welcome to Monday I guess!

  2. Ha, you have the same complaint I do. I really think that the show is better watched stretched out over a period of time rather than all at once. (I watched the first two seasons in one weekend. I didn’t sleep much that weekend.) Because, yeah…going from the sinking of the Titanic to some time after World War I in just a matter of days is confusing…and a little annoying.

    The only other complaint I had was that so many times I felt like that show was a bit anti-climactic. They’d set up these cliff hangers at the end of each episode and it would turn out to be nothing big.

    They might be dead, lost at war…no wait, they were just lost in the woods.
    His wife is dead, he probably killed her…oh wait, it’s just suicide.
    His poisoning the food, it’s going to be terrible…oh wait, he’s just serving bad food…
    I kept feeling like I was being strung along. šŸ™‚

    And I can’t stand the lady who plays the mother. Her acting drives me nuts.
    On the flip side, however, the grandmother is hysterical and is such a great character! šŸ™‚

    Other than those minor complaints, though, I love the show. The fashions, aaaahhhhhh the fashions! So amazing. And the scenery? And the sweetness of the love stories? Great. I’m definitely excited to keep watching. šŸ™‚

  3. Uh, athletic clothes being washed every WEEK? I’m a Grandma and get them several times a a week, often after school when the kiddos come for homework and pull their clothes out of their backpacks and say they need the clothes for the next day. Mom and Dad both work and may have evening meetings, etc. so I’m it. It doesn’t end so hold your nose, pour in the suds and know you’re not alone.

  4. Hmm, you have me interested in this show, although there are so many others that I watch. Not sure I have the time right now.

    And, if this makes you feel any better, I do at least one load a week like that every week. And, I have four clean loads right now that need to be folded, one in the dryer, and one in the washer. Ugh. I’m feeling overwhelmed just writing that all out! Ha!

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