So I Don’t Forget: The Bennett Edition

B this summer at Disney

B this summer at Disney

3 things about Bennett:

1. He still, at 7 1/2, says reNember instead of reMember. And I love it, and though there was a time when I tried to correct it (probably around age 5), I don’t anymore, because my guess is he’ll figure this one out this year. And then I’ll be sad. No one better tell him the right way to say it, or they’ll have to answer to me.

2. He is the craziest Illini superfan of the bunch. Most of the time games start too late on a school night for him stay up for them, so we DVR the part he can’t watch.  In the morning before school, if he’s up early enough, he’ll watch part of it, and then finish it after school, all without finding out who won.

Luke, on the other hand, wants to know who won, but will still watch some parts of the game later.

3. He’s been really funny lately…sometimes, it’s inappropriate or something I don’t want repeated but I can’t help but laugh at in the moment, and then quickly correct. For instance, Matt was studying with him for a quiz about National Landmarks the other day, and of course, our beloved Arch was on the list.

Matt was asking him some questions about it, and then deviated from the study guide to ask, “Does the Arch span the Mississippi? By that I mean, is one leg of the Arch on the Missouri side, and one leg on the Illinois side?”

Bennett gave one of his classic “are you serious?” looks, busted out in a laugh, and said, “No!!”

Matt told him that there are lots of people in the US that have never seen the Arch that believe that.

Bennett’s immediate response through laughter: “Well those people are dumb!”

Which caused me to laugh, and then remind him that we don’t call people dumb.


6 responses to “So I Don’t Forget: The Bennett Edition

  1. I love kids’ mis-pronunciations! I had a girlfriend who, in 5th grade, still said “samrich” for 2 pieces of bread w/ a filling! Of course, this is not so cute when it’s a grown person (let’s just say your father-in-law, for instance) who still says “southmore” for the 2nd yr of h.s.!!

    I’d be like Bennett in not wanting to know who won a game until I had a chance to watch it!

  2. Love Bennett and his personality, too! I gotta pipe in on Jo’s comment about a grown person and their mis-pronounciations. I STILL, after many years of trying, can’t break my dad of ‘digical’! It’s the worst in public!

  3. This mispronunciation business makes me laugh!! My daughter and her cousin, 25 and 28 years old now, both still say “explanation” mark for “exclamation” mark! ha

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