Parenting Win

Let’s face it: most days, as parents, it feels like there are more losses than wins. At least that’s the case in our house.

I mean, doesn’t it feel like you’re correcting someone more often than not, especially if you have more than one kid in the house who needs to test his boundaries?

Don’t you often feel like you’re coming up with creative ideas to make a point, or discipline someone’s actions?

Case in point: this old apology letter, which I just came across, and clearly, saved, for it’s obvious heartfelt remorse. Not sure why it was cut into a funky shape, but whatever.

name hidden to protect the guilty.

name hidden to protect the guilty.


So today, I’m celebrating a parenting win. I am fairly certain this idea came from our friends Adam and Elizabeth years ago, and I’ve likely mentioned it here before, but it’s been a while.

It’s called “Best Part/Worst Part,” and every person sitting around the table is required to come up with both a best and a worst part of their day. It’s that simple. Jack Henry used to serve as our MC…I’m not sure if that will continue or not.

We dropped the ball on this for a while around here, but we’re back in the swing of things, and I love it. I’m not kidding when I say that things come out that I really don’t think ever would if not mentioned during this time.

So here’s to a success, you know, to get me through all of those not-successful times.

9 responses to “Parenting Win

  1. We do sad/glad/ mad. Something that made you….one of those 3 things. Really gets the kids talking!

  2. We’ve done this pretty much since Jack started talking (we used to try and guess what Ben’s best and worst parts would be . . . now we do that for Claire). Jack’s Sunday school teacher told me a few weeks ago that during their snack, he was having everyone go around and tell their highs and lows from the week. Hilarious.

  3. This is such a simple, yet great idea. And know what? Not a bad idea for empty-nesters either; sometimes there’s not a lot of convo going on around here! 😉

  4. We started this a couple months ago and I love it! Although, Kenzie will say her favorite part of the day and then her worst part….and then tells us it’s not true. She makes up her parts. Awesome. Like a kid got in her face at school when he really didn’t….that girl.

  5. We do this a lot. I also have the kids’ portions of our Christmas letter telling their 10 highs and lows of the year…..always interesting!

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