When I made my first birthday post on this blog, it was for Luke’s 5th birthday. Everything about that post makes me sob, not the least of which is that there is a comment on there from my mom.

Obviously, a lot has changed in the past five years. In addition to growing 11 inches, losing 8 teeth, and completing 4 grades, there’s this from 2007:

Luke - tree

And these from tonight:


{ok this one was from last week, when we gave him his bike early}

luke 10th bday 1


I made the mistake of combining this already-emotional day with burning DVDs of our old home videos. I’m at the point where Luke is 2 and Bennett is a baby, and oh my gosh…they’re so darn cute, I can’t believe they’re mine. There’s a sense of it all going too fast coupled with the knowledge that we’ve packed a lot of living and growing and changing into these past ten years.

(As I type this, though, there’s a short clip of baby B laying on L’s big boy bed, and L is throwing a large, hard bouncy ball at him, so I’m glad that I’m being reminded that it wasn’t all sunshiny.)

(or I’d be begging Matt to reverse that procedure I begged him to get for years.)

(Back to Luke…)

We celebrated with dinner at Red Robin, of course, where we celebrate most of our birthday dinners in this family. Luke got that Cards stocking cap he’s modeling in the picture above, in addition to his bike and James May’s Lego House book. We’ll celebrate with our families over Christmas, as we’ve done the past several years.

Happy birthday, Luke! Being your mom is challenging and fun, and I so hope you’ll look back on your childhood as happily as I will. I love you, buddy!

5 responses to “10.

  1. What a trip back in time to go back & read his 5th bd blog entry! Those pictures–can’t believe the cuteness!! And now–he’s twice that age . . . sigh. 🙂 and 😦 !! Makes me want to scream “Freeze time! Freeze time!”

    Have to admit that, even though it mostly makes me melancholy to realize Luke just flat-out isn’t a little boy any more, it’s kind of exciting to watch him grow into the pre-teen stage. (Yeah, I know; sometimes it’s not pretty. Actually, a lot of the time.) But he’s such a good kid, and he’s gonna stay that way!

    Happy, happy 10th Birthday, Luke!!

  2. Happy birthday Luke!
    I’ve had the wonderful honor of meeting and hanging out with Luke during newspaper club this semester – what a treat! He’s so creative and smart and very funny.

    N- he’s a great kid! Have fun with the continued birthday celebrations!

  3. happy birthday, sweet luke!

  4. Happy Birthday! Maybe I can send you pictures of my twins squashing the baby, or fighting over who flushes the toilet, or refusing to poop on it still at age 3 1/2…would that help? 🙂 I love reading about your family…seeing that I will survive this crazy time!

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