Apparently, We’re Raising Alex P. Keaton.

This is Jack Henry today at his preschool Christmas program. {side note: this is our final preschool Christmas program. Sob.}


Evidence he’s Alex P. Keaton despite having never seen an episode of Family Ties:

1. He chose his own outfit. For real.

2. He didn’t want to tuck in his shirt, and I wanted him to, so I offered him a quarter. He wagered back with 2 quarters. Deal.

Love him!

4 responses to “Apparently, We’re Raising Alex P. Keaton.

  1. Love it!! (And love Family Ties!)

  2. That settles it – Santa’s bringing him a photo of Richard Nixon for his room.

  3. Love it, Laurie!!! 🙂

    This is just too much! The quarters!!! I don’t want ANY of your boys to grow up, but I especially wish this one could stay little. 😦

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