As background: people are always saying “Bennett is a Pals” (my maiden name is Pals for those of you who don’t know) because he is practically my clone at age 7.

Today, Jack Henry and I are finishing up shopping for what we need over the next couple of days. As we headed out, I said, “oh, I’ll need cheddar cheese to make Mac and cheese for our Pals Christmas meal.”

Very matter-of-factly, JH said, “So, just you and Bennett will be going to that?”

Me: “Why?”

JH: “Well, you and Bennett are the only Palses in our family.”

Me: stifling laughter, explaining what “Bennett is a Pals” means…

3 responses to “Confused.

  1. Oh, how cute!! Totally understand the confusion! Can’t you just imagine him picturing you & Bennett going? 🙂

  2. Very cute!!

  3. Just read this today. Hilarious!

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