Cookie Day!

I have a confession that makes me sound like a horrible mother, but here it is:

I don’t really like baking with my kids. Shhhh…

I SO WISH my mom was still here (for a multitude of reasons, of course) so I could ask her if she actually liked baking with me and my siblings when we were little. Because it was, from my perspective, always fun. So either she really liked it, or she did a darn good job of faking it.

Anyway, for the first time this year, I let the boys help with cutting out the sugar cookies in addition to icing some (as always, I only let them frost the ones they get to eat; if they’re going to neighbors or for me to eat, I take care of that ;)). The cutting out part was a little stressful, but overall, much more fun than I’d envisioned.

Plus, we cut them out one day, I baked them the next, and they frosted them the next. Spacing it out made it much better, too!

One response to “Cookie Day!

  1. The pics are priceless! I never did cut-outs w/ my kids and really hardly remember letting the kids do much “helping” in the kitchen! Oh, there were a few times here & there when they did a little stirring or dropping of cookies on the pan, but those times were very infrequent. No, I didn’t think it was any fun. Your mom probably didn’t either. 🙂 After seeing your pics every year of this annual activity, I’ve always felt guilty that I didn’t do it, & I always assumed you totally liked it! 🙂

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