Into the Memory Box

We’ve spent part of our Christmas break moving some toys downstairs from our main floor playroom, as a big transformation is going to happen in there soon. We’ve also cleaned out some toys the boys no longer play with, and have donated or sold those.

As we were going through some things, I came across Luke’s old yo-yo. Remember it, from 3+ years ago?

Though we’d replaced the string a couple of times due to how much it was played with, it was without a string, and hadn’t been played with in months. Luke said I could throw it away, and I said that was fine.

And then I grabbed it from the trash and remembered what a cool parenting experience it had been with him, and I stuck it in his memory box. I should probably print a copy of the story, too, so when he finds it someday he knows why I saved it.

I know I’m a sap, but I love when things come full circle.

One response to “Into the Memory Box

  1. Oh my–I went back to read the original yo-yo post . . . and am now sitting here literally wiping my eyes. I think it struck me even more this time b/c I’m so aware of Luke getting older . . . 😦

    You ABSOLUTELY have to print it out & put it w/ the yo-yo.

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