Odds and Ends

1. Yes, I realize I didn’t blog about Christmas here. I intended to, but it just didn’t happen, and now I don’t feel like it. However, we had a fantastic Christmas with the boys – probably my favorite ever. We spent 2 fun days with extended family in Effingham before Christmas, got back here Christmas Eve, and we were here the whole week after that. This was the first Christmas Day in 13 years of marriage that we were at our own home on the 25th for the whole day!

Matt worked 2 days that week, but we mostly filled our time with games, Legos, puzzles, laying around in pajamas, and hanging out with friends. It was just perfect, and we loved it!

2. I just started a makeover of our playroom! I’m turning it into more of a big kid study/game/playroom, and I’m so excited to see the plan that’s been in my head for a while in real life. The house is a DISASTER since over the last few days I emptied the playroom of everything, but it won’t be that way for too long. Painting starts today.

2b. I did not realize how horrible the walls in there were.  The previous owners slapped a single coat of paint on the walls to cover some wallpaper (note to home sellers: this is always, ALWAYS a bad idea), which I knew, but I hadn’t ever really inspected the walls.  They’re in bad shape, but short of getting them re-drywalled, which will never happen, there’s not much I can do but paint them.  So that room will definitely be a Monet.

3. We took the boys to Champaign on Saturday for the Illini/OSU game, which WILL get its own post. I know, no Christmas, yes to one day on campus? I’m messed up. But it was fun day; one for the memory books.

4. If you shop at Schnucks for groceries, you might not know about this cool feature on their website. Find your local ad, and then click on an item to add it to your shopping list. You can print out or email your list to yourself. It includes sale prices and the general location in the store, so your items are grouped together. Really handy!

5. This happened. This really happened! Luke grew his hair out from August-Thanksgiving, got a decent haircut, and then hadn’t had it trimmed since. I told him over the weekend that it was time to go get a haircut, and he said, “Eh. Why don’t you just cut it?” Enter me, jumping for joy, and a tear coming to both Matt’s and Hayley’s eye, I think.

it was fine...just needed a little trim.

it was fine…just needed a little trim.

but clearly, i wasn’t going to argue with him asking me to do it!

6. I’m so happy Downton Abbey returned last night!  Every Sunday night for the next several weeks will be so fun.

7. Need some hair accessories?  The first big buy 2, get 1 free etsy sale is going on right now at Here’s the Diehl.  Don’t miss it!  You have until Jan. 27.

One response to “Odds and Ends

  1. owensjudy@aol.com

    Nicole –

    Thanks for the information on the Schnucks shopping list. It is so cool.

    Judy Owens

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