A Recap

Event causing the most stress: Luke’s science fair project. And what’s crazy is, he’s doing most of it at school, and it’s a really simple concept, so it shouldn’t be stressful! However, I think just me not having a good grasp of how it’s going combined with his general lack of being organized (but working hard at this) is resulting in him being a bit more snippy and emotional when I ask questions about it. Can’t wait until this is done.

Most potential to be life-changing: I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app. I know several people who have used it with a lot of success, so I’m excited to be getting started with it! In a lot of ways it doesn’t feel like a diet…just tracking what I do so I know where to make changes, if that makes sense. It’s really easy to use, and eye-opening in regards to how few calories I need to be taking in to lose weight.

Thing that goes with My Fitness Pal: 4/5 of our small group is doing the Color Run on April 27th. This will be so fun! (Well, as fun as running will ever be for me. Remember when I did that 5K a few years ago? Yeah. I’m not a runner.)

Sweetest kid comment: I was at a store with Jack Henry, looking at necklaces. I said, “Do you see anything pretty?” and without missing a beat, he said, “Yes” and smiled sheepishly. I asked what it was, and he pointed to me, grinning. Seriously. This kid is smooth.

Number of kid pedometers I pulled out of the hamper, accidentally deposited in there with dirty clothes: 3. Yes, each child did that once this week.

Most fun grown-up evening: Trivia Night to benefit our boys’ baseball league. Oh my goodness, I LOVED IT. I’ve said for so many years that my head is full of useless knowledge, and I’m not saying I was a superstar by any stretch of the imagination, but it was fun when I knew something someone else at the table didn’t know! And, the parents on B’s team, who we sat with, are fun people.

Best change made to the house: the long-awaited light fixture change happened yesterday! I’ll save the new fixture in the playroom for a different post, but here are the other three before and afters:

kitchen light before 2



after. my very favorite change!

kitchen light before

before. (these are for sale if you’re interested, btw)


after. LOVE! only problem is that we bought bulbs that are burn-your-retinas bright, so we have to get new ones tomorrow to fix that issue.


only an after for here…just changed out a boring builder’s-grade-ish light fixture for something more interesting. this was matt’s choice, and it’s actually an outdoor fixture!

4 responses to “A Recap

  1. I am on fitness pal too if you want to be friends:). Profile name is my first and last name.

    Love the new light fixtures!!!

  2. A very fun-to-read post!

    I’d be stressed about Luke’s science fair project too. I always dreaded when one of our kids had something big due. I’m a bit of a perfectionist with academics (the ONLY thing I’m that way about!) & could help with anything strictly from the book; however, when it came to anything artsy/creative like a project, it threw me for a loop, whether it be my own or my kids’. I either wanted to “take over” or stay out of it altogether but, of course, always got involved to some degree & hated it. (Well, there was that insect collection of Matt’s . . . I recall one evening when Chad Kelly & his mom came over w/ Chad’s collection so we could trade extra bugs & figure out how to best lay out the display . . . and at one point, Kathy & I looked up from the counter where we were pouring over the boxes, working diligently . . . and Matt & Chad had sidled on over to the family room to the TV. But I digress.)

    That! Jack! Henry!!!

    You know I actually liked your old light fixtures, but shockingly, this very un-contemporary decorator really loves that new island fixture!! I can see how you might have to experiment a bit to get the right kind of bulbs! I can’t see the table one really well, but I think I really like that one too from what I can tell. It looks sort of “globe-ish,” which I love! Like the front hall one too even though I have to say your other one was so nondescript that no one probably ever noticed it. But this one is sharp!

    • I’m cracking up at the visual of you and Kathy doing the bug collection while the boys watched tv 🙂

      The light over the table is a globe, and that picture doesn’t do it justice. You’ll have to see it! 🙂 The entryway WAS nondescript…which is too boring. This is fun and throws out so much more light! I love it!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the light fixtures!!!

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