News of the Weird.

There’s just something about Bennett that always keeps us on our toes, and most of the time, I love him for it. He’s fun and intense and unique.

Putting aside his weirdo reaction to tooth loss for now, one of those unique things that I don’t love so much is how he gets ear infections. He’s had so very few his whole life, especially compared to his brothers, that he’s not familiar with the pain, for one thing. However, since he also never actually gets real ear pain, how would he know?

A few years ago, there was the time he had an infection that manifested itself as severe mouth and head pain. That was a good time, right in the middle of umpteen showings of our house when it was for sale.

Two days ago, he started complaining of shooting pains down the left side of his face, starting near the ear, traveling down towards his jawline. It was intermittent (literally just a few times a day), and he was 100% fine between the occurrences. He did report, however, that it made him say “ouch!” aloud when it happened at school one time because it caught him so off-guard.

So this morning, I took him to the school nurse’s office and just asked if this might be a sign of an infection, despite no other symptoms (no cold, fever, anything to give me reason to suspect ear infection). She looked with her scope and said his ear was red; without knowing about the pain, she probably wouldn’t assume infection, but since he’s having this discomfort, she recommended an appointment.

Off we four went to the pediatrician’s office this afternoon and yep, you guessed it, ear infection. Still no inner ear pain in the least. Clearly, when Bennett gets an infection, those nerves in the ear canal flare up and refer the pain elsewhere.

Never dull. Never. Plus, his weird ear infections are making Here’s the Diehl your home for the “strange symptoms that may actually be an ear infection” list.

You’re welcome.

One response to “News of the Weird.

  1. That IS weird! Nice that he wasn’t in pain, at least in his ear, but not so good that you really NEED to know when he’s got an infection! Wonder if it would have eventually gotten more painful in his jaw. B’s physical head provides lots of drama: teeth, ears, injuries!

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