Jack Henry on Tiny Towns

Just an old little story snippet that I never published, and don’t want to forget…

On our way from Effingham to Springfield one day last fall, on a route that our boys have only driven a handful of times, Jack Henry was playing a car bingo game.


He was watching carefully out his window for the items on his list when he blurted out, “Why are we driving in circles?” as we passed through yet another small, fairly-rundown town (if you’ve driven the route, you understand).

We assured him that we weren’t, but he wasn’t convinced.

I think this boy needs to get out of the suburbs/city more often. 🙂

One response to “Jack Henry on Tiny Towns

  1. As someone who’s driven that E’ham to S’fld route so often I can do it in my sleep, I get it, JH; I get it!!! 😦

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