3 Weeks In.

I mentioned 3 weeks ago that I’ve started a diet, and that I’m using My Fitness Pal. I have to admit: I really, really like it so far. In terms of choosing a weight-loss mechanism, I mean. I don’t really, really like it as much as, say, Downton Abbey.

Here’s how it works: you input your profile info, and it tells you how many calories to eat a day based on your weight loss goal (1-1.5 lbs/week). When you eat something, you add it to your daily log, and when you exercise, you input that, too, and earn more calories for that day.

I can’t stress enough how easy it is to use…you can scan virtually any food with a bar code, or search for fresh fruits and vegetables (or any food, really) by name.

For me, and how I eat and live, this is perfect. It’s almost a game for me: what do I need to eat to not feel hungry all the time, what does a portion look like, and is there room for a small glass of wine at the end of the day?

3 weeks in, and I’ve lost a few pounds watching what I eat and doing the Shred 3-4x/week, and walking outside when the weather allows. Much better than that, I’m totally motivated to keep working at this, which is monumental for me: generally, by this many weeks in, I’m done. Also totally key in making this work? Having a friend and my sister doing this with me.

However, here are the random diet-related thoughts rolling around my head the past 3 weeks:

*if all of my Pinterest friends could kindly stop pinning pictures of fantastic-looking, fatty food, that would be awesome.
*on the flip side of that, amazing healthy food pins? Keep ’em coming.
*The mall needs to not smell like Auntie Anne’s pretzels.
*I think about food A LOT.
*I no longer dislike broccoli. Major accomplishment.
*Eating restaurant food is definitely more difficult than it used to be, but it’s not that hard to choose something that will work.
*I found some really delicious soup at McAlister’s that only has 60 CALORIES a cup. Even better, I bought the larger-sized bowl of it, split it in half, and ate a 45-calorie bowl of soup for lunch for 2 days (combined with other foods, of course).
*Also approximately 45 calories, sadly? Four, yes four, of these amazing croutons. Bought at Walmart pre-diet.
*I love Veggie Straws! I do really like how they taste, but I also really like that 39 of them are considered a serving. So I can pull out a dozen of them and have only eaten 1/3 of a serving. Yay.


Totally not-diet-related information: I need The Office to stop being too real. I like my TV either a)hilariously irreverent or b)scandalous (Nashville, anyone?). I don’t like when it’s too real-life, and Jim and Pam the last few episodes are scaring me with all of this real relationship stuff they’re addressing. Couldn’t they just let them be deliriously happy this last season as they ride off into the sunset? I really hope last night was a turning point.

3 responses to “3 Weeks In.

  1. I used to use My Fitness Pal and loved it. It’s been awhile though, and I had no idea that you can scan things. That would make things so much easier!

  2. You’re doing great–it’s hard! HARD!! I think one of the toughest things is going out to eat. Not that there aren’t good, relatively healthy choices; it’s just that that’s not what I WANT when I go out!

    Good for you on broccoli! I really like it–cooked only!!

  3. Good for you for sticking to your weight-loss plan! As for Nashville…love it! Nashville, and still Revenge, are my gotta watch shows!

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