For the Sake of Family Record Keeping

One of my many roles is family memories keeper, and this blog is pretty much it. So while today’s post might sound like me being a whiner about how I cleaned up/comforted through at least 16 rounds of kids puking, haven’t slept well in days, and still have a major project going on, it’s really just me recording our four-day weekend events, mmmkay?

The boys were out Friday (records day for teachers) and Monday (Presidents’ Day). We had no real plans, so at least nothing was ruined by what went down.

Friday was fine: cold outside so the boys and I ran a couple of errands, including a trip to the library to grab some books, a movie, and some Wii games. It was a good day.

Saturday 5:25am: Bennett arrives at my bedside, and starts throwing up 30 minutes later. He was sick 6 times in 2 hours, but that was it. We kept him sequestered in our room for most of the day, and he did OK with that.

Sunday was spent in recovery still; he was really weak, but otherwise fine.

By Monday morning, things were looking up, and we planned to go out for breakfast. Until Jack Henry came to my bedside with, you guessed it, a stomach ache. We sent Matt and the 2 older boys out for breakfast, and within a few minutes of them leaving, Jack Henry was sick.

He seemed to have the mildest case, only getting sick twice over the course of a couple of hours, so when Luke also started throwing up early last evening, I thought, eh, this will be over in a couple of hours. Except it wasn’t. He was sick so many times we both lost count, even as late as 2:30 this morning.

He’s sipping on Gatorade this morning. So far, so good.

I really, really hope and pray this is a recovery day for both L and JH. I told them to plan on watching a lot of TV (JH is currently subjecting L to an episode of Team UmiZoomi, and L is being a really good sport about it, though I suspect that won’t last long).


February seems to be not a good month for our family and sickness. 2012 was rough, and 2011 was Sleetcation (days off school) followed by a round of colds that turned into bronchitis for 2 kids. And then there was 2010.

Here’s to March being only 10 days away!

2 responses to “For the Sake of Family Record Keeping

  1. Well, I’m praying too–including a request that neither you nor Matt catches the tail end of all this! It’s really been a “sick winter” for so many families, and by now, everybody’s just tired of winter. I’m certainly hoping for an early spring, esp after we get back home from FL.

  2. oh my gosh, girl. major hard 😦 prayers for a speedy recovery and speedy magnet-making!

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