A Sad First

I’ve been getting up early a couple of mornings a week to do The Shred (seriously, be amazed. 6 weeks in, and this is still happening.). Last night, however, I fell asleep reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and forgot to set my alarm. Alas, I wasn’t awake early enough to work out before needing to get everyone ready for their day.

I mentioned to Jack Henry that what I might do is get ready to do my workout, take him to school, and then come home and do it.

Immediately, he said, “You mean you’ll like have your headband on and stuff when you take me to school?”

Me: “Well, yes, and my workout clothes.”

JH: “Sooo, everyone at my school will see you like that?”

Me: “Yeah, would that be embarrassing or something?”

JH: “Uh, yeah.”

So that’s it. Really? I’m embarrassing?

i look somewhat like the 4-years-older version of this (this pic is from when i did that 5k training in '09)

i look somewhat like the 4-years-older version of this (this pic is from when i did that 5k training in ’09)

This might sound strange, given that his brothers are 10 and {holy cow, almost} 8, but they’ve NEVER acted embarrassed by me. Ever. Like literally, last week when I was sick with the stomach virus they gave me, and I had to run up to school to pick them up, I wore faded black yoga pants and socks with my moccasins INTO SCHOOL to get them (mind you, I felt like I was dying, so I cared not what I looked like). Neither of them said a word, or looked at me funny, or anything.

I could cry.

But I won’t. I’ll laugh. Because I remember my mom being embarrassing sometimes, too (oh, how I wish I could call her and tell her this happened!). It’s part of life, and I was given a reprieve by his brothers for a good number of years.

Well, I’m off to put on my embarrassing headband.

PS…my awesome reader Jackie, whose memory is much better than mine, remembered that Jack Henry had previously not liked me in a headband…here’s the proof! Thanks, Jackie…you rock, and this made me laugh!!

9 responses to “A Sad First

  1. Oh, JH!!! This just slays me–that he would even have the slightest thought about it! I’d say you’ve been an astonishingly un-embarrassing mom to make it this long! πŸ™‚ And, yes, I wish you could have picked up your phone & laughed about it w/ your mom!!

  2. I know it’s not the same but when Mike occasionally would pick up the boys from school, Cole would scream bloody murder when he came in his classroom. It would make one think that Mike beats Cole based on his reaction. So, Mike had to stop picking up Cole until recently. Cole has moved past it somehow. However, at least Jack Henry isn’t asking you to drop him off at the corner of the school and he will walk in like I used to do to my Mom. πŸ™‚

  3. At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I have to admit that this story about JH and his dislike of your headbands sounded familiar. I searched your blog and…there it was…your post from March 18, 2011 where JH disgustedly gives you advice about “that thing in your hair.” So funny!! He’s really not impressed by those headbands!

  4. This reminds me of the day I purposely embarrassed my daughter when she was about 8. She kept missing the bus and I told her if she did it again I would take her to school in my pjs with my hair a mess. She did and true to my word I took her to school in my pjs and messy hair. As luck would have it the other kids were running up to line up and go in. She got out of the car and just when she thought she was safe I got out standing by my car door waving and shouting, “Bye Caitlin!! Have a great day!” She never missed the bus again! lol Tell him it could be worse..haha!

  5. Finally got to reading this! So funny! I’ve sensed embarrassment here and there. It doesn’t bother me. To me, I feel like, “yup, I’m officially a mom now.”

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