Yes, Yes, I Do Still Have a Blog.

Sigh. Posting here had become quite irregular, has it not?

I WANT to write, if only to continue documenting the boys’ childhood. Finding time is getting more difficult, which is funny, considering I started this blog (and blogged so regularly!) when the boys looked like this:

3 Boys #1

And NOW I’m having trouble finding the time?

I’m going to blame being 5+ years older and needing more sleep than I did before.

But, here’s a little look into life around here lately:

*The first Very Jane deal went really well…I was so pleased. And apparently, I’m crazy enough to do it again, because the magnets will be back on March 26, with LOTS of new chevron prints! Tell your friends ๐Ÿ™‚

*Winter will not go away (though, today is going to finally be a break from the cold!). The boys and I discussed Wednesday that it’s definitely the longest season, even if it’s really not in terms of days.

*Dieting is hard work, but it’s worth it. We’re making some real lifestyle changes, I feel, and it’s pretty exciting! I’ve lost 10 lbs since I started about 7-8 weeks ago. I’m definitely getting stronger, and clothes are starting to feel a bit bigger. I don’t necessarily have an exact goal weight in mind just yet, but it’s lower than what I weighed when I got married. Anyone have any suggestions on short (I’m talking like 20 minutes) workout DVDs that you like?

*To go with dieting, I’m back to meal planning. Just one week at a time, and it takes a little time to do it, but it’s so worth it. Why oh why do I let myself fall off the wagon with this?

*Baseball season is almost here for us…practices are at 2/week right now, and will in the near future kick up to 5/week total. 2 of 3 kids’ games are on the schedule, and I honestly can’t even fathom what some of those days are going to look like. Someone please remind me to continue with meal planning.

*Jack Henry reminds me so much, every day, of Luke at 5. He loves to draw, he loves tape, and he makes sound effects all the livelong day.

*Bennett recently announced that he hates hand-me-downs. Sucks to be him, I guess. I’ll have to be more vigilant about pointing out the things that are new-for-him in his wardrobe, and also show him the things I pick up secondhand for Luke, so he doesn’t feel so ripped off.

*Luke is just so grown up. Don’t misread that as mature; I think he’s rather immature for his age (AND I’M TOTALLY FINE WITH THAT), but we’re starting to deal with big-kid stuff in regards to friends and school. Ick.

7 responses to “Yes, Yes, I Do Still Have a Blog.

  1. I’m glad you mentioned JH’s noise making. It’s been a source of topic at our house lately. Korry squeaks – little noise with her mouth closed; very subtle. I don’t mind them, almost think theyre cute, and realize it’s a phase. Jared goes nuts!!!

  2. “… and he loves tape.” <–best line.

  3. “he loves tape, and he makes sound effects all the livelong day.” <– Kid WIN. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You should check out I use their workouts everyday now because they have so many and it is FREE!

  5. I, too, loved the tape comment! ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t remember Luke’s (or JH’s) “sound effects” though!

    Your last 2 points got me the most–I’d have never thought about Bennett particularly noticing or caring about hand-me-downs, and the fact of Luke’s “older” issues emerging just paralyzes me with that “stop time, please!” feeling!!! (Matt & Heidi had virtually all new clothes, but of course Andrea had tons of H’s hand-me-downs; but I honestly don’t remember A complaining about it. Guess she also had enough new things–and maybe she just liked H’s cast-offs.)

  6. 10 pounds! Way to go!

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