Spring Break Campout

As parents, we’re constantly forced to make decisions about what we want and don’t want for our families. What’s right or wrong for us.

Quite a while ago, Matt and I decided that our kids weren’t going to do sleepovers (outside of staying with family members, of course) for the most part: we’ve made an exception for one family we know very well, but that’s it. I know that makes us unusual, and for me, I just don’t care how rare it is. It’s what’s right for us.

And honestly, our boys have not expressed displeasure at our decision in the least yet.

However, it’s still fun to sleep in a sleeping bag in the basement or living room when you’re a kid. Occasionally, Matt will “camp out” downstairs with the boys, or put the tent in the backyard. However, we knew it wasn’t going to work over spring break (inside or out, as it’s currently 28 degrees), so the older two boys took matters into their own hands this evening and decided to sleep downstairs. Jack Henry was not only invited, he planned on sleeping down there, too, until the very last minute when his eyes brimmed with tears and he changed his mind (I actually love reminders that he’s still little, because he seems more like a big kid every day).

I snuck down a few minutes ago, turned on a light behind me, and got this quick pic to remember it by…

L B campout in basement

Brothers are awesome.

6 responses to “Spring Break Campout

  1. So sweet! Even though Jacob is only 7 years old, he was recently invited to a sleepover, and after much consideration, I think we are going to be a no-sleepover family as well. I have thought about it before, but we hadn’t really talked about it until this sleepover came up. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with this rule 🙂 We’ll have to follow your great example and plan some basement family campouts soon!

    • I’m glad to hear I’m not alone, Melanie! We’ve postured it as “this is just how our family does things” and tell the boys that they can tell their friends that, or that they can just blame it on their mean mom and dad 🙂

  2. Awwwww . . . JH backing out at the last min! Makes me feel sad for him cause I’m sure he wanted so badly to be w/ “the brothers”–yet (like you said) he’s still little enough to get nervous/scared . . .

  3. I have never thought about a no sleepover rule. Kaylee has had one sleepover here and one away (both with the same family from our bible study). I have not encountered other sleep overs yet but figured I would at some point. Is it just safety reasons or something else I am not thinking about for why you have this rule? The boys haven’t had an issue missing out on sleepovers? I may have to give this more thought to see what fits for us.

    • I just remembered that Luke had a sleepover at our house one time when he was about 5 with a good family friend, but that’s the only other time besides the one he had recently with a family friend.

      Yes, it’s primarily a safety issue. I think growing up in a small town, where my parents knew all of my friends’ families, it was just a different situation. I’ve met lots of great families through school that I love, but a couple of years ago BEFORE we knew them well and Luke was being invited over, it was just easier to put a “no sleepovers” rule in place. And the more we’ve thought about it (about being comfortable with families we know and feeling like we could say yes, but then having to say no to families we don’t know as well), the more this just feels right for us.

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