Winter: A True/False Quiz

1. Wednesday was the first day of spring.

2. There is one good thing about winter if you’re a girl.

3. A snow day would be totally welcome after 10 days of spring break.

4. I like snow shoveling.

5. Every time it snows, I feel like I should take the kids sledding or play outside with them.


those are my pots for planting my container garden, which i really hope to be doing in about 3 weeks.


1. True, but any good Midwesterner knows it ain’t over til it’s over, and snow doesn’t care if it’s spring. I remember a snow flurry morning in late April one time in central IL, because my mom was having a garage sale that day.

2. True. Everyday leg-shaving goes away for me in the winter months, and I love that (Matt maybe doesn’t so much, but oh well). As soon as it’s spring and legs are bare, it’s everyday shaving. (Allergies are truly the only bad thing about spring in my mind…leg shaving is annoying, but a very distant second to that.)

3. Um, false. Love the boys, and we’ve had a GREAT spring break, but I’m a girl who craves routine, especially after a 10-day break. However, judging by the amount of snow we have so far, and how much longer it’s supposed to snow, I’m mentally prepping for another day of family fun.

4. True! Great cardio, a change of pace from a regular workout, and you can tell that you’ve accomplished something. Score.
Addendum #1: My back doesn’t love shoveling very much, though.
Addendum #2: Matt, please don’t read this to mean I wouldn’t love for us to own a snowblower.

5. Majorly false. I feel like it’s my responsibility to take them sledding once a winter if we get enough snow, and I already did that on the last big snowstorm. I am happy, however, to help them get suited up to play outside. But with the NCAA tournament on, the 2 older boys don’t want to go out, and Jack Henry is always the most reluctant to play in the snow so he doesn’t care, either. Fine by me.

4 responses to “Winter: A True/False Quiz

  1. Love #2. Almost posted about this couple weeks ago! Thanks for siding with me. Its just not worth it if theyre not gonna show.

  2. Am I losing my mind or did it snow on Zach and michon’s wedding day, to which I’m thinking was in April?

  3. Kay & Steve are here, & we all cracked up over this! Totally w/ you on #2–in fact, it was truly annoying to have to shave my legs while in FL the month of Feb!! And–oddly enough–I understand #4! During the very infrequent times that I’ve actually been in an exercising routine, I’ve welcomed snow-shoveling for the very reasons you gave. Great post!! 🙂

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