Thanks to nasty Hardees and their porn used to sell burgers (remember all of that? The PR chick’s response still floors me), our family has had a “mute the commercials and avert your eyes” rule for advertising, particularly during Cardinal baseball broadcasts.

However, of course, occasionally we forget and commercials slip through. I do love it when one of the boys realizes this, generally when a Cialis commercial airs, and someone yells “earmuffs!” and dives for the remote to mute it:).

Not all advertising is raunchy though, and thanks to a few commercials breaks that have made it into the Diehl living room, Bennett now has a new vacation destination in mind based on the town’s appealing-to-children advertising.

At least twice now he’s mentioned that he really wants to go to Branson.

Yep. Branson.

{He is not appeased by my telling him he’s already been to Branson, back in 2006, and I can prove it with pictures.}

So congrats, Branson Department of Tourism…your ads are working.

3 responses to “Advertising.

  1. It was 15 days between posts. Just saying…..And Branson does look cool!

  2. I am currently in the middle of complaining to all the people I can about the newest Thickburger commercial Fox Sports Midwest is now airing during Cardinals broadcasts. Sickens me. I agree with your 2012 post, 1 may not be very many, but it may be more than what complains if I don’t.

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