Some Conversations with Jack Henry


he spotted this artwork last week at the school district art fair, and asked to have his picture taken with it!

My little buddy is a bit under the weather, headed to the doctor later today to make sure he doesn’t have bronchitis, but he’s still been full of funny today!

And I don’t want to forget his little comments, so here they are…

1. I thought he was getting better, as he hadn’t had a fever this morning and woke up pretty perky. So we went to Old Navy (thankfully, not many people there, so I don’t think we exposed others to his germs…sorry, world, I was wrong, as he started feeling bad again right after we left the store). While there, I was trying on some flip-flops, and he was playing with a little ball. I didn’t think he was paying any attention to me at all, when out of nowhere he says, “Don’t get those. They aren’t good.” Well. Ok. Truth is I didn’t like them, either, but I wasn’t anticipating him having an opinion!

2. He announced that he’s going to bring Waffle, his little stuffed dog, to college with him, and when he comes home from school he’ll teach Waffle what he’s learned. I think this is a fabulous idea, as I’m sure it will keep the trampy girls away, and probably keep him from having friends who make bad choices. Good call, JH.

6 responses to “Some Conversations with Jack Henry

  1. Ha! I love these! 🙂 3 year-old Eli is forever telling me not to wear those shoes with that dress. LOL! Who would have thought??

    Also, I need to invest in a dog named Waffle to accompany Eli to college. 🙂

  2. Judy Kinkelaar

    I sure do enjoy hearing these little stories and mostly the fact that you are enjoying your children so so much, again, always thinking of your Mother and how she too would be enjoying your little ones!!!! My life about the same as I was 27 and had two of my three when she passed away at 54, now 40 years ago….have missed her so much!! Keep on and I know you will, taking that pure pleasure you get from your beautiful boys:)

  3. I soooooo think you need to remember to print this one out & secretly tuck it away w/ Waffle in the corner of one of his boxes he takes to college!!!!

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