Summer, Here We Come!

Last day of school!

I think I’m almost as excited as the kids. However, I’m also finding myself on the brink of tears all morning so far, too. The boys have had such great teachers this year, and Luke’s is retiring (though I hope we see her around as a substitute). We’ve loved B’s teacher so much that as we left school this morning, Jack Henry said to me, “I hope I have Miss L when I’m a 2nd grader. I know she’s a great teacher because Bennett has had such a good year.” Sigh. I love our school.

But, onward…summer is here and I can’t wait for lazy mornings and afternoons at the pool and evenings at the ballpark when we don’t have to rush home to bed because there’s school the next day and completing this year’s summer checklist. As you may remember, last year’s was a big hit (but we didn’t complete them all), so we’re doing it again. There’s room at the bottom to add as we see fit, and we’re going to start checking them off tonight already, though the boys don’t know that yet!


1. S’more cones (2 of the 3 kids did these a couple of weeks ago, but no check mark yet because not all have done it)
2. The Infield
3. Queeny Park (they all still love the pyramid play structure!)
4. Crown Candy Kitchen (we STILL haven’t been)
5. Build a sprinkler (started last year, not assembled, so we have to do that one soon)
6. MOBOT (Missouri Botanical Gardens)
7. Arch (2 of 3 boys have not been up yet)
8. Reading night
9. Purina Farms (we didn’t make it out there last year)
10. Hike
11. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate (return visit since they loved it over spring break)
12. SLAM (St. Louis Art Museum)
13. Lone Elk Park (we’ll go in late summer to see the babies!)
14. The Pointe (local pool)
15. Boathouse at Forest Park
16. Campout
17. Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast (really? Whatever.)
18. BAA late night (this means staying late at the boys’ ballpark after their games…this will get several checks over the summer, as Matt and I enjoy this, too!)
19. Reading night (oops…double entry. I’ll let them do it twice.)
20. Fishing with Papa (Matt and I don’t fish!)
21. Sleep in the basement
22. Morning at Chuck E Cheese (I’ll readily admit I’m not a fan of this place, so we’ll go early one morning and play games for a while and not eat there)
23. Missouri History Museum
24. Eat from a food truck
25. Gus’ Pretzels
26. Cardinals game
27. Zoo
28. Summer Reading Program
29. Oberweis
30. Lunch with Dad (not pictured…I just added that!)
31. Go to the beach (also just added!)


I need to make my own summer checklist, too. I’m thinking if I draw it up on a cute frame, maybe I’ll be more motivated?!

I need to:
-paint the playroom table and chairs black (it’s going to be a big job that I’m not particularly looking forward to)
-finish the Mixbook of our Disney trip (again – not a favorite thing of mine to do – I LOVE the result, but I despise making them)
-read a lot of books just for fun
-finish converting home videos to DVD


Enjoy your summer!

6 responses to “Summer, Here We Come!

  1. It’s an emotional time of year. It always is, so I don’t know why I’m always surprised when I tear up at every little thing. lol. But the lazy morning bit is enough for me to rejoice!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Elizabeth Ward

    Sounds like a great list!
    What do you do at Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate? Is there a tour or do they just get to buy something?

  3. oh wow. my summer checklist consists of:
    1) survive.
    2) drink wine.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ love it–sounds like tons of fun!!! can’t wait for updates and pics!

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