Grouped by category for your ease in reading my jumbled thoughts.

1. GM has discontinued my favorite cereal, Multi-Bran Chex. Seriously, I almost cried. I’ve eaten this for YEARS, as has the rest of my family, and it’s gone. Well, it’s still on Amazon, but I’m way too cheap to spend nearly $7/box on it. If you need my address to send your condolences via a case of my favorite cereal, I can get you that info.

2. I’ve never, ever been a fan of Cheez-Its, but lately the boys have been asking for different flavors and occasionally, I’ll give in and buy them. Oh my goodness…4 Cheese Italian, Baby Swiss, and Cheddar Jack are all so good!

1. I don’t eat very many Cheez-Its.

2. I DO eat a LOT of green stuff. Every day.

3. My Fitness Pal tells me I’ve been at this 130+ days, and I’m down almost 21 lbs in that time, along with lots of inches and a couple of pants sizes. Hooray! I’m almost there…4 lbs to go, and these last few aren’t letting go easily.

4. Jillian Michaels and I spend time together several times a week…definitely not something I ever thought I’d say! Also crazy? I get up early on Saturday mornings to run/walk before the day with the boys starts.

5. Working out with Jillian, or running/walking using Map My Run = room for the occasional glass of wine (shhh to you girls I spent Monday evening with regarding how much wine was consumed).

6. I love texting Kelli, who’s doing this diet with me, stuff like “I almost threw up while working out today!”

1. Ann Taylor Loft, and how their clothes fit now. Other stores, too, but this is one of my favorites.

2. Starbucks Cool Lime Refreshers

3. The Gypsy Caravan

4. Friends reruns. I watch almost every night, and it never gets old.

5. That we finally get to meet our new niece Anna, and in the process, we get to see the Kelly family too (I can’t tell you how much I love that my kids are as excited as I am to spend the night with my college roomie and her family!).

1. Miranda Lambert

2. Jason Aldean

3. The attraction to Mexico as a vacation destination. Clearly, I know this woman wasn’t there for vacation, but why would you purposely go into this country unless you had to?

4. Having a website and then not updating it with relevant information. I’m looking at you, strawberry farm that said u-pick was open as of May 25, and then casually told us when we got there today that no one could pick until Friday.

1. Baseball is going great! Our schedule is just crazy full. It sometimes makes me nuts, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that all 3 boys play and love it so much. I don’t love that I’m often feeding them a fourth meal when we get home late from the ballpark, but it is what it is.

2. My flowers are pretty right now…lantana is pretty much the coolest, and my awesome friend Robin gets the credit for a) digging the knockout roses out of the landscaping (they were in a bad spot and she took them to her house) and b) alerting me when the lantana was in at the store, so I could fill in the bare spots! OH – I have a chipmunk I need gone. Do you think a mousetrap or glue trap would hold him?

isn't this cool?

isn’t this cool?

3. New banner pic above is from the Botanical Gardens last week!

4. New cleaning lists/procedures are in place and have started smoothly with no complaints from my little workers! However, the 2 older boys, now responsible for their entire bathroom’s cleaning, are disgusted by how gross cleaning a whole bathroom is. I’m not holding my breath but very hopeful that this will change their habits.

I’ll close with this cute pic of the boys and their friend C from today, playing at Queeny Park, checking one off the summer bucket list!

boys and C at queeny

14 responses to “Miscellany

  1. Congrats on the weight loss! Great accomplishment. Your sister has inspire me to lose weight. I’m down seven pounds in 14 days. I will get there.

    If you cut your boys hair or if you think of it; ask the salon who does cut it, to keep the hair and put the hair on your garden, flowers, etc (anything you want to keep animals away from). Animals do not like the human scent and normally stay away.

    Best of luck on the bathroom (I’m thinking of doing the same – 6 boys in the house every other weekend is GROSS and even just the two on a regular basis is bad enough). GROSS

    • Oh thanks for the hair reminder! I do cut their hair…I’ll scatter it around out there and see if it helps!

      And wtg on the weight loss! Hayley is pretty inspiring 🙂

  2. One of our staff let me know that Ann Taylor Loft is an “old person’s store” and I wanted to cry.

    I fear we’ve found the Chiccos of our generation.

  3. would you mind sharing your cleaning lists and procedures? we’re doing the same around here this summer and I’m finding this year I need more details for my kiddos as the general “vacuum & dust” and “clean bathrooms” days just aren’t cutting it anymore. 😉

  4. ps, love the new banner pic!

  5. I also don’t get the big deal over Miranda Lambert. I am not a fan of her music, but I love that she is a “larger” music star. And I use that term loosely because she is still probably smaller than me but she is not super skinny like many of the others.

    And I have to talk up Mexico. It really is beautiful if you stay on your resort or only go to specific areas. Kinda like some of the larger U.S. cities. They all have bad area and really pretty areas. But the drug stuff is concerning…

    • I agree that it’s refreshing to see Miranda not be a size 0! And seem very comfortable in her own skin.

      And I’m sure that many areas of Mexico are beautiful…however, the idea that the government is so corrupt that something like this could happen makes it not worth it.

  6. Some good tidbits on this post! It bears repeating–you look GREAT w/ your 21-lb loss! Good luck w/ your last 4–but you really don’t need to lose more! And in the same paragraph: I like Cheez Itz but love the new varieties, and they are super-good crushed & mixed w/ parm cheese & a little of something else dry (i.e., Bisquik, flour, etc) as a baked chicken coating!

    I’ve never planted lantana, but I love yours! I still have an area where I need something, so I’m going to see if I can still find some around here. If I ever stay home long enough to look.

    These years w/ the boys playing baseball are THE BEST!! I’ve said it before, but it really, really is!

    Enjoyed seeing Matt in Chicago yesterday–unexpected! You’ll have fun up there in a couple weeks! Anna is growing like a weed–she’s going to be way chunkier than Lucy was!

  7. wow, 21 pounds?! mom said you looked great! hillary bought the 30 day shred with me a couple years ago, and we TOTALLY texted each other about how much we hated jillian and her planks and other torture tactics that we kept coming back to. glad you have kelli (and go kelli, too!). AND HOORAY for your upcoming visit!!!! she is growing like a weed…and i’m not just saying that as a cliche 🙂 um, i just LOVE that you bought 12 boxes of cereal. i love everything about that. and $7 for a box of cereal–really?!? oh, and strawberry farm lady may have gotten a beating from me, but that might be because of hormones and the ginormous task of bringing a newborn and crazy 23 month old anywhere. or maybe just cause it’s really that annoying… 🙂

    • Ha! Yeah…it’s raining tonight and I fear strawberry picking for tomorrow will be rained out. I’ll call this time.

      Can’t wait to see you!!

  8. I’m also interested in your cleaning lists. I definitely have things they will start again….it’s so hard to keep up with it during the school year and all the nightly activities.

    hilarious about the cereal boxes….tried honey nut chex? It’s a fav here.

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