Learn to Type

My boys have always been impressed by ability to type and not look at the keys…which makes my typing skills sound way more impressive than they really are. (In fact, my lack of secretary-level typing skills nearly cost me a job 10 years ago!)

But like most people my age, I had to take a typing class in high school, where I learned on an actual typewriter how to type.

I’ve long lamented that typing isn’t taught in elementary schools. I can remember back as far as 10 years ago being frustrated by this. I was working with a 4th-grade teacher who had a grant-funded classroom in which each child had his/her own computer. However, the kids were never taught to type correctly. So all of their time was spent hunting and pecking. I’m sorry, but this is just the height of illogical thinking to me.

(And yes, I know, curriculum demands means there’s not time for it…that’s a discussion for another time.)

Now that my kids are at the age where they sometimes type things, it’s even more annoying to me that they’re not going to receive proper instruction in this area. I’d been thinking about trying to find a way to teach them this summer when my friend Kelli sent me to this website: BBC Dance Mat Typing.

Bookmark it, Pin it, whatever…save this site for your kids!

Yes, it’s a little goofy, but even Luke doesn’t mind it, because it’s really teaching him to type! Bennett and Jack Henry saw him doing it, and now they’ve already started, too.

Each little lesson takes about 10 minutes, and it’s walking them through learning the keys without looking. I’m so excited to see where they’ll be at the end of the summer!

3 responses to “Learn to Type

  1. This is so cool! I, too, can’t believe they don’t get “typewriting” in school since it’s so integral to the computer!

  2. Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. My kids are doing 5-10 minutes of daily “something” around here this summer so I’m going to work this in for the older two!

  3. Love this! Really love the shout out to mrs. Gillespie. She was my all time favorite teacher!

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