Lesson #1

It’s a big day over here…Jack Henry is getting his first shoe-tying lesson!

Even more exciting? I’m not the teacher!

Somewhere along the way, when it was time for Bennett to learn, Luke stepped in a saved the day, teaching B how to tie without me having to do much of anything. Score! So this time, I just assigned it to Luke and Bennett right off the bat…this is why we have kids, right?


Jack Henry’s first lesson today ended a bit early in tears (I’m not surprised…shoe-tying is hard, and he’s easily frustrated), but I stepped in where Luke left off and JH had a little bit of success.


He knows the basics now, at least, and can keep practicing over the summer. I’m thinking he’ll have it down by school in August!

Which is wishful thinking, given the pouty look on his face right now.

2 responses to “Lesson #1

  1. LOVE that you could put L & B on this task!! JH will have it perfected before long, & the next time we’re there for games (soon!), I’ll have him show me his practicing skills!

  2. We had Lyndsey help teach Sean too. He eventually just asked to buy shoes without laces. He’s doing better but still struggles with getting them tight enough for his liking.

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