Happy Half.

Today marks the 18th anniversary of Matt’s and my first date. Which means 18 years ago, right now, I was driving home from my orientation at the University of Illinois, nervous about the double date I was about to go on.

And because I was nearly 18, and it’s now been 18 years since that first date, Matt and I have officially been together for half my life. Crazy.

we celebrated last weekend with a date at bailey’s range followed by a drink and spying on the ballgame at 360!

Looking back, I was pretty impressed with myself, as I’ve remembered to mark this occasion on the blog every year since I started it! Which is crazy, given that I sometimes forget to blog my offspring’s birthdays, or other major holidays, or even note our actual wedding anniversary on the date.

Here’s the most interesting of those posts from the past five years: the one where I tell the story of my husband, the pseudo-stalker.

This year, we’ll mark the occasion with a 5-year-old’s t-ball game and some Lion’s Choice for dinner, followed by Luke and Matt watching another baseball game and me taking the younger 2 boys home for showers and bedtime. Not sparkly and romantic, but perfect just the same.

And now for a little walk down memory lane…

our first 4th of july together!

our first 4th of july together!


and a full year later…short hair, freshman 10-15 for me (and since matt didn’t gain the freshman 15, he put it on the same time i did, which was his junior year ;), enjoying our first weekend back at school in 96!

3 responses to “Happy Half.

  1. Love these kinds of posts! But you NEVER look much different than you do now (other than hairstyles) while Matt looked like a pre-teen back then!! The fact that you weren’t at your spruced-up best at H.G. while he was stalking you says a lot about how pretty you are!!!!

    So did you guys EVER see Crimson Tide??

  2. owensjudy@aol.com


    Judy O

  3. I, too, love these posts! It takes me back to when I first met you…and Matt…and he would come in my dorm room with his pants pulled up to his armpits just to get a laugh. He was always successful.

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