Thousands of Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, let me grace you with 13,000. It’s all I have time for right now (these summer days are absolutely flying by), and I hate not updating here regularly!

So here’s a glimpse into our last couple of weeks…


our swimming pool, which pre-dates luke (a friend gave it to me when they moved out of state, before i was even pregnant!), got cleaned up one more time and played in, before it gets handed down to cousins will and ava!


will and ava (and their mom and dad) came to watch the boys play ball…here luke’s biggest fans cheer loud while he’s at the plate!


we finally built our kid-wash sprinkler


i’ve spent a lot of time in the laundry room.


fun blowing stuff up with the swinigan family on the 4th!

checking another item off our summer to-do list, we had lunch at crown candy kitchen with matt’s mom and dad!


just in time for my 36th birthday, i reached my 25-lb weight-loss goal! kelli met hers a couple of weeks prior, so we went out to celebrate. and celebrate we did!


little trista rae, my brother jake and his wife dana’s second daughter, joined our family a week earlier than her due date – on the 5th anniversary of my mom’s death.


luke and bennett are obsessed with baseball cards this summer…spending so much time, money and energy on this! i have to admit it’s pretty fun to listen to them react when they open a new pack.


not to be left out, jack henry decided that he, too, wanted to collect cards. and he got an albert pujols card in his first pack ever – the boys thought that was pretty lucky.


my kitchen regularly looks like this until midday…clean dishes in the dishwasher, dirty on the counter, and not shown is all of the recycling and dirty laundry piled behind the dishes on the counter.

somebody got some new neon socks.


the boys love to catch pop-flies off the deck, particularly when i’m the one throwing them for some reason! today i was a drill sergeant and made them do some pushups!

So thankful for my iPhone camera! Now…off to an 8:30pm 8U baseball game. We are spending some late nights at the ballpark these days. 🙂

10 responses to “Thousands of Words

  1. I’d say these look pretty representative! The baseball cards sure bring back lots of memories of how Matt spent hours upon hours on them. And I thought it was challenging keeping up w/ Matt’s & Ron’s ball uniforms, but you’ve got 3 players + Matt’s coaching shirts–that’s a LOT of soaking/scrubbing! So much going on; such fun years!!

  2. A tip I picked up watching (and listening) during many ballgames this summer was a chorus of yays for Fels-Naptha laundry bar for 98 cents at Walmart. Suds it into a stain w/ water before putting in washer. Said to work wonders on uniforms! Some even swear it takes out already washed & dried stains from any assortment of items. I bought a bar! Figure it’s worth a try or two.

  3. Thank you for posting, I was missing you. Happy Birthday! And your kitchen looks awesome (like mine)!


    What is the white thing with the yellow arch above it?

    Judy Owens

  5. love the pics! um, you and kelli look so good! soooooo wish i could watch the boys play some games!

  6. It looks like a good old fashioned summer. And your kitchen looks like you would rather spend time with your boys. That is as it should be!

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