Notes from the Road

1. I picked the nastiest gas station on earth to stop at for fuel/bathroom break in Chattanooga. Ick.

2. Two “Way to Go, America” moments:
A. Did you know you can buy Georgia state lottery tickets the second you cross the state line? Literally at the state rest area welcome center.
B. This. Really? REALly? (Say that in your best Seth Myers voice.)


3. Our children’s ability to sleep in the van has suddenly gone to crap. Actually, I’ll exempt Bennett, who just in general needs more sleep than the others, and has napped a couple of times. There is no genetic or environmental explanation for this, as their father and I can both easily doze in the car.

4. One of my favorite quotes from the trip came from Jack Henry: “Sometimes I say bad words in my head.” I immediately leaned over to Matt and whispered, “Sometimes I say bad words in my head, too.” I think this came on the heels of a conversation about damn vs dam. Matt and I now wish we had asked what words he was thinking; trying to be good parents, we’ve chosen not to bring this up again, but trust me, we want to.

5. Dear South Carolina,
Sorry for all the sand we filched. I hope there’s some left, because our van is full of it.

6. One last fun vacation-y night in Nashville (wait til you hear what exciting thing we’re doing!) and then it’s all over. It’s normal to cry at the end of vacation, right? Because I always do. Also, school starts in 2.5 weeks, my baby is going to kindergarten, and my kids watched Toy Story 3 in the van today, and I just can’t even handle listening to that movie.

7. It’s lovely today.


9 responses to “Notes from the Road

  1. Looks like fun! Glad you are having a great time. It seems like vacations always speed by so much faster than normal, every day life. Your sweet little family is adorable. Such a great looking bunch!
    PS- I’m a miserable failure at picking rest areas and bathrooms. I’d rather pee my pants than the gas station attendant give me a key with a HUGE label on it saying “WOMEN” for an ouside bathroom. Uhm, NO THANK YOU!

  2. Katie has told me before “sometimes i get bad words in my head and i just can’t get them out!” It was so sweet when she admitted it and I was laughing on the inside!! Too cute!!
    Have a great end of vacation (PS – I always get sad at the end of vacation too!)

  3. This just sounds like it’s been such a great trip for
    the whole family! Not a welcome development about the lack of sleep going on in the van though. 😦

    Oh, Jack Henry!! I’m trying to figure out if he actually uses bad words in appropriate context (for example, “Oh sh#t, I wanted that ball card!”) or whether he just mentally tries saying individual words! But gotta agree w/ you: don’t think I’d ask for particulars!

  4. I have no idea how that frowny face got there; I didn’t type it & can’t figure out how it got put in the middle of the post!

  5. hahaha Jack Henry!!! yeah, sometimes i say them out loud 🙂

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