Kindergarten {Day 1} x 3

This needed to be recorded ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t start out thinking I’d do this, but when Bennett’s first day of kindergarten rolled around and this outfit that Luke had worn was still intact, I asked him if he wanted to wear what Luke had on his first day. And Bennett said yes, so then I made sure we still had the shorts when Jack Henry started kindergarten this year! The shorts are snug on him, and they are in pretty rough shape, and the old green polo has since been donated, but we were close!


i adore that bennett is trying to pick him up. they probably weighed the same in this picture.

*Note to self: show this first picture to Jack Henry, who insisted last night that he wasn’t even born when Luke started kindergarten, and actually argued with me about it. I ended it with, “Listen. I gave birth to you. I think I remember when it happened better than you.”*


oh, they’re all still so little! and luke’s teeth ๐Ÿ™‚

first day of school 2013 1

big kids

One response to “Kindergarten {Day 1} x 3

  1. That’s pretty amazing–the traveling plaid kindergarten shorts!! (That 1st pic of Bennett trying to corral JH is priceless!)

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