Confession time. And I’ve maybe mentioned this before. But I’m not the best at keeping a really clean house. Picked up? Mostly. But clean? Meh. I’d give myself a C. With the boys going back to school, I considered making myself a cleaning schedule for about one hot second, and then gave up that idea, because I would fail at that within a week.

[I don’t do well with rigid schedules. So the idea that every Monday, I’d need to clean bathrooms, and every Tuesday, mop the floor, etc., makes me shiver.]

Sooo, it should come as no surprise, knowing the above, that I don’t clean the boys’ shower very often. And by “not very often” I mean I can probably count on one hand how many times I clean it in a year. I know some of you are gagging, and that’s understandable. I think I’d care more if:

a) anyone took a bath in there
b) I ever saw the tub (the boys have gotten really good at closing the shower curtain after showering, so I never even see it)
c) they complained about how gross it was. But let’s be honest here – it’s highly likely they’re peeing in there. In the place where they clean* themselves. Like they’re ever going to complain about how dirty their shower is.

And I KNOW I’d care more if I was showering in there.

When I happened to take a peek in there this morning, I was a bit disgusted by what I saw. Lots of pink mildew and a TON of soap scum (which, seriously, it’s a white shower. If you can SEE soap scum, it’s bad), but surprisingly, not a horrible mildew odor. I knew it was time to do something about this, because I was pretty sure I hadn’t cleaned it all summer. 3 boys x an average of 6 showers/week/boy x 12 weeks of summer = approximately 250 showers worth of nastiness in there.


I usually use a bottle of some kind of commercial cleaner, but this time I grabbed my bottle of Pinterest-inspired heavy-duty spray that I’ve used on my own shower in the past. I love that it’s cheap, green, and works like magic.

So after a little hard work** (see details below if you, too, have procrastinated shower-cleaning to the point of the authorities needing to be called), the tub, shower and tub mat are SPARKLING, and that is not an exaggeration.



I realize without a before picture, this means almost nothing, but trust me, it was gross, and now it’s not.

Which seems like about enough for one day, to quote my friend Suzanne. 🙂

*this term should be applied very loosely here, I’m certain.

**Here’s the how-to on this shower cleaner:
It’s simply one part white vinegar to one part blue Dawn dish soap (actually, err on the side of more vinegar than Dawn by a little bit). That’s it. Pour them in the spray bottle, shake it up, and spray it on.

3 things:

1. It smells bad. Not just like vinegar, because I use that all the time for things, but there is something about the combination of the 2 that makes for a nasty strong smell.

2. Plan to spray this on the shower, let it sit for an hour or so, and then come back and scrub it with a big scrubbing brush. It works best if you run some warm water in the tub, so that when you’re scrubbing you can dip the brush in there and suds up the solution on the walls.

3. It takes some scrubbing to get it off, so plan on it being a bit of work. However, your shower will literally be sparkling clean. And then you don’t have to worry about it for like another 3 months, right?

9 responses to “Clean.

  1. Um, did you write this blog on behalf of me, because seriously, most of it applies. I have good luck heating the vinegar in microwave for 90 sec before mixing the magic Pinterest spray.

  2. dirt happens. at least you took care of it!

  3. I “let go of” our house cleaner in May (insert defensive comment about having someone clean my house here) and didn’t hire anyone new. I’ve been forcing myself to clean regularly, and honestly? I’ve found that I get excited about it. For about 5 minutes. Just enough time for me to get everything off the counters and the floor and out of the tub so that I can clean. And then I’m sick of it. But what am I going to do? Just put all of the stuff back in a dirty bathroom? So, I do clean, but I’ve made at least one of the boys help me each time so that eventually, they’ll know how to do it well and will be able to relieve me of that responsibility (ha!).

    • It’s so good to teach them to help! Mine cleaned their own bathroom EXCEPT for the shower all summer long, and it was awesome. I’m moving that job to the weekends for them now that school has started.

  4. You’re my kind of cleaner . . . only better. This task is rock-bottom on my list & gets done (even when kids were growing up) fewer times per year than I’ll tell. Same w/ Ron’s shower &, of course, the basement one. Now, when I force myself to tackle the job, I use that Pinterest mix. It does smell bad! I did recently read that you can use less Dawn–more like 1/4-1/2 per c. of vinegar–so I’m trying that next time to see if the mixture still sticks to the walls/tub well enough.

    Good job–you should feel ever so virtuous!

  5. I just breathed a huge.sigh.of.relief. I am not the only one. Today was my first full day with both kids gone, and while I mostly treated myself and just enjoyed the quiet, I also took mental note of the things I need to tackle. Bathroom showers being one of them. I have to try that Pinterest mix! Thanks!

  6. Next week the boys start preschool, so I’m headed your direction. Glad I’m not alone. I hate cleaning but even I am noticing that it’s time.

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