This Pretty Much Seals the Deal on my Old Age.

Today is the first morning I’ve turned on the TV since the kids went back to school. I’m doing this stupid squats challenge, and decided after my other workout to just watch The Today Show while I do 160 squats.

First, I saw that Madonna looks like this now. I can’t even.

Then, I saw that One Direction was going to perform on the Plaza today, and thought, “this will be funny, since I’ve never seen them sing.” (Even though I can easily sing along to “What Makes You Beautiful” like the rest of America. Shush. Don’t judge.)

There was a GIGANTIC crowd gathered to watch. Like more than 18,000. Some of whom have been camping out SINCE LAST SATURDAY on the streets of New York City. People. 6 days of sleeping on the sidewalk to hear a band? And let’s not forget that their fans are young girls, so their parents are likely doing this with them. Crazy. Just crazy. Plus gross…where are you showering after six days of city-sidewalk camping?

So here are my old-lady thoughts:

1. Aww, that’s cute. A flannel tied around your waist. How very 1992/Kurt Cobain of you. (Oh my gosh. I just realized via Google that Kurt Cobain died almost 20 years ago.)

2. I want to take at least 3 of them to get a haircut. Lead-singer-guy (Harry, is it?), your hair is leading the pack of ridiculousness.

3. Cute guy in the white tee (with the flannel around your waist): rad tattoo on your arm, dude.

4. 2 of them don’t even seem to really realize that they’re supposed to be singing (or lip syncing, whatever). Just constant grinning. Which I understand; 18,000 people slept on sidewalks to see you. That has to stroke your ego a bit.

5. It would’ve been fun to pick a side when it was Backstreet Boys vs. NSync, but I was already too old then. Sigh. NKOTB, anyone?

6. Seriously. Luke Bryan was on last week’s Concert on the Plaza. I would’ve really loved watching that!

So there you have it. I’m officially really old.

PS…My friend Kelli just texted that by the next time there’s new popular boy band, her girls will probably be old enough to be into them, and that she’ll make me go to concerts with them so I don’t miss all the fun in this house full of boys. Sweet, huh?

5 responses to “This Pretty Much Seals the Deal on my Old Age.

  1. Can you imagine having SO MUCH MONEY that you’ve bought everything there is to buy and have to resort to outlining your teeth in gold, just to keep your excess cash from spilling out of your bank account?

  2. OMGosh, I was channel surfing last night & ran across E-Tonight & about croaked when they had a segment on celebrities sporting bejeweled “grills”!! ACK!! Can’t even remember who all they showed except Madonna. Extremely hideous.

    I watched last season’s X Factor, so believe it or not, I know who One Direction is! However, I had no idea they’d actually been out there getting all famous! It blows my mind that the teen idols are closer to my grandsons’ ages than to my kids’!!!!!

  3. You are sooooo funny “you young little girl you” calling yourself an “old woman” …..I am afraid “I” am the old woman now….Polly and I are the same age, last year in the 60’s… are at a wonderful age and time in your life, I sure do enjoy your notesn on fb!!!!!!

  4. “I was already too old. NKOTB, anyone?” Um…I’m so far gone, I’m not even sure who this band is you’re writing about!

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