Award-winning Video. Right Here.

After a month-long break from baseball (which has felt like forever), Bennett’s team kicked off their fall ball season today.

Matt couldn’t be there, which meant that he was missing Bennett’s 1-inning pitching debut. I told him I’d take pictures or a video and send it to him.

I think Bennett threw a couple of pitches and then I remembered to start recording (just using my phone, which explains why it’s zoomed out so far and the quality is what it is).

Here is the amazing video I captured. Listen closely and you can hear his coach call him Bam-Bam, the nickname he earned 2 years ago that has stuck like glue (so much so that I even call him that sometimes). And, pardon my loud cheering at the end:

Yeah. About that. Obviously, I got a little excited and just watched the game instead of the camera getting the action. Dang it! It was such a great play and I was *thisclose*.

Clearly, I’m very good at this.

And Matt, you’re welcome for capturing this for you. Sorta.

Oh, and the Tigers won 18-2. 🙂

2 responses to “Award-winning Video. Right Here.

  1. Had to watch this 3 times in spite of not quite knowing what I was seeing! Too bad Matt had to miss it!

  2. That’s awesome!! Way to go Bennett!!

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