Vacation 2013: Charleston, SC

Yeah. So vacation ended well over a month ago, and I’m just now doing this. Oh well.

Here’s part 1, the Tennessee adventure portion of the trip.

This was seriously an amazing trip. As I prepped pictures to put on this post, I almost cried looking back at how fun this vacation was for our family…coming immediately after the boys’ busy baseball seasons ended, it was just what we needed. It was the perfect combination of relaxing and fun and sightseeing, and Charleston is a gorgeous city that I’d love to see again (sans kids, as there’s so much history to explore that we didn’t get a chance to see). Plus, it was the boys’ first trip to the ocean, and man, did they ever love it!

Luke: “This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time!” after being on the beach for 2 hours.

We ate a ton (see our favorites below), played at the beach as much as our skin would allow without being painfully burned, collected hundreds of shells, and saw some cool things (Fort Sumter, the Charleston City Market, several beaches).

The pictures tell the best story, of course, so here they are.

Our favorite restaurants, for future reference or if you visit (also – we ate hushpuppies at LOTS of places and didn’t have a bad one!):
*Page’s Okra Grill…everything was AMAZING except a bland sangria. We loved this place!
*A W Shucks – great food, awesome atmosphere, mediocre service. Matt had oysters here for the first time and was a fan!
*my absolute favorite, Hominy Grill. Everything about this place was excellent. We ate there on our last night in Charleston, and I’m so glad we did. By far my favorite meal of the trip. (PS…if you click over to their site, Luke at that biscuit with chicken and gravy that’s pictured on their homepage. It’s called The Big Nasty!)
*Isle of Palms beach lunch favorites: Luke ‘n Ollie’s (great pizza) or Joe’s to Go (sandwiches)

I can’t wait to go back someday!

4 responses to “Vacation 2013: Charleston, SC

  1. Such a good spread of pics! It’s so neat to have the boys all be old enough to enjoy a nice vacation like this! I esp love the shot of them walking on the bridge w/ their boards–and, of course, the ocean pics. This makes me really want to go to Charleston! (And that rental house–wow!)

  2. 1, always love to see your little chasing the bigs! Soooooo what my life is starting to look like at ages 4 & 1!
    2, the aquarium staff photo bomb!!! Funnier than the kids!!!
    3, mosquitoes at breakfast! Even the best moms with the best plans can’t plan that! Hahaha!
    4, hope you’re not getting too schmoopy about little guy in Kindergarden. Because C quit morning naps now that bigs Are in preschool, gah!

  3. um, that. house. for real?!? great pics. LOVE the photo bomb one, for sure. looks soooo fun šŸ™‚

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