School mornings.

Mornings feel so repetitive on a school day. Today I really tried to listen to the things I say to my kids while they’re getting ready. I’m fairly certain they don’t need me in the mornings. Instead, all they really need is a recording of my voice saying the following things:

1. I know it’s early but you need to get up.
2. Did you brush your teeth?
3. It’s time to move along.
4. What do you want for breakfast?
5. Please eat and stop messing around.
6. Did you pack your snack and water bottle?
7. Please just eat.
8. Work with me here to make your lunch.
9. Do you have your library books/violin/homework/assignment notebook?
10. Get your shoes on.
11. I love you. Remember who you are.

Put 1-3 on repeat and shuffle upstairs, and 4-11 on repeat and shuffle downstairs, and you’re good to go.

11 responses to “School mornings.

  1. LOVE THIS!! And what they actually hear probably comes across as “a recording”! Or the Peanuts cartoons’ adult voices: “wawh . . . wawh . . . wawh”!!

  2. Oh a day in the life of a mom! πŸ™‚

    I was wondering about #11. Are any of them in danger of forgetting?

    • Ha! “Remember who you are” is a saying that Matt’s mom used to say to him and his sisters.

      We’ve talked a lot about what it means – that they’re a Christian and that they’re representing our family when they’re outside our home!

  3. Sounds a lot like our mornings. Lyndsey wakes up to an alarm now instead of me and that has helped tremendously.

  4. Mine would be:
    1. Did you brush your teeth?
    2. Did you go to the bathroom? Seriously, why do I even have to remind them to do that in the morning?????

  5. I have always love the “remember who you are” direction from Jo. It reminds me of the tale of when King Alexander the Great was introduced to a young man in his army who has demonstrated cowardice. King Alexander asked the young soldier his name, and the young man replied, “Alexander, sir.” To which King Alexander responded, ” Soldier, change your conduct or change your name.”

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