“Buddy!  Are you so excited that it’s your birthday tomorrow?”

“Yeah!” came his response. Followed a moment later by, “But it’s also a little sad. Because I’ll never be five again. And five was fun.”

Which almost made me cry.


One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Just like that, baby #3 has joined the ranks of the big school kids.

He’s had a couple of celebrations to mark the occasion. We started with his family party last Saturday, had presents arrive in the mail this week, and then today included saying the Pledge over the intercom at school (seriously, this was a HUGE deal), having birthday treats in his class, then dinner at CPK (his choice, of course) and presents back at home.

About those class birthday treats, and what makes kindergartners great: there’s another little boy in JH’s class with a birthday today. Because his classroom is nut-free due to allergies, we have to be careful to choose snacks that are ok (I’m not complaining; just stating a fact). So it cracked me up that me and the other mom chose Oreos (albeit in 2 different forms) as treats! I need to get to know this other mom, and then if Jack Henry and this little boy are in the same homeroom again, we can coordinate and come up with some amazing birthday treats together! But here’s what’s cool to me: it wasn’t annoying or thunder-stealing for him to share his birthday. It was all the more awesome because there were DOUBLE treats today (the teacher wisely had them eat one and bring one home!). Older kids, and frankly, grown-ups, can learn a lot from kindergartners.


When Luke started preschool and then elementary, it was a typical firstborn, fairly sheltered situation. So when I’d interact with kids in his class that were 2nd or 3rd borns, whose siblings were a few years older, and they were so, I don’t know, savvy, it freaked me out. Made me wonder what in the world was going on in their homes that they knew so much.

And then my thirdborn started growing up. And I started praying a few years ago for grace and mercy from the parents of firstborns who would someday be his classmates. Because he just knows more than he probably should about a lot of things. For instance, at 2, he hollered out at a baseball game that he got hit in the nuts by a ball. Sigh. I’m waiting for a call from school.

But I’m hoping he just knows better by now. Right? RIGHT?


I know that snippets isn’t really my typical birthday style, but I don’t have much new to say from his past birthday posts. Jack Henry is such a delight to have in our family. I’m not sugarcoating reality; he has his trying moments (testing out his scissors on the kitchen table this week, for instance, or constantly irritating his brothers for sport), but overall, he’s just such a joyful, fun person to be around, and I love him for that.

I can’t wait to see what he learns by seven. 🙂

5 responses to “Six.

  1. Neat idea about the code & batting cage! I just love how he’s wearing his crown throughout gift time too. Really don’t want this little guy to get any older . . . I want him to keep saying/doing adorable things!! I’m sure he’ll think 6 is as fun as 5 was, though!

  2. When you posted the hospital pic of JH yesterday on fb, I was thinking that it isn’t possible that he is 6! I am glad he had a fun birthday. He is such a sweet boy!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his face in the picture with his batting cages pass. So great. I smiled pretty much the entire time I read this.

  4. love the code idea!!! totally matt 🙂 you’re right–he is SUCH A JOYFUL little guy!

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