You Have Got to be Kidding Me.

You guys. On Sunday I posted the following to my Facebook page:


So that was totally gross, but I didn’t think anything of it again until Thursday evening.
On Wednesday, Jack Henry showed me that he had a canker sore on his cheek. I gave him some stuff to swish around in his mouth, but we all know how not-helpful anything is to treat canker sores.

Yesterday after school (his birthday, mind you), he told me his canker sore was really hurting, but he otherwise felt completely fine. I took a good look in his mouth and noticed three things:

1. The canker sore was larger and very painful-looking.
2. Hey! His 6 year molars are about to come through the surface! (Funny how after the two-year molars come in, and your kid learns to brush his own teeth, you barely even look in his mouth again.)
3. Oh crap. There are spots on his throat. And the roof of his mouth.

I will normally let things go for a little while to see if they heal on their own, but with this I made an immediate call to the doctor. I got him an appointment for 9:15 this morning.

We went to dinner at CPK, and he ate less than normal. I could tell he just wasn’t quite himself.

His Aunt Heidi called to wish him a happy birthday as we were leaving dinner, and after JH was done talking to her, I sent her a text to say thanks. I mentioned that I didn’t think he was feeling great, and Heidi texted back:
Oh no!!!!!!! Poor guy! The balloon!! πŸ˜‰

Oh. My. Gosh.

So gross.

This morning, he has more canker sores on his lips, and then it occurred to me to check his hands. Yep. One spot on his hand. None on his feet.

I just made an official Mom, MD diagnosis of Hand, Foot and Mouth. I cancelled our real doctor’s appointment (just in the nick of time, so there’s no cancellation fee! Yay!) and will instead give my boy some Motrin and get to work cleaning my house. I feel like the best solution would be to Lysol-bomb the house and then leave for an hour, but there’s nowhere to go with a contagious kid.

Instead, he’s hanging out in my bed, watching his old favorite preschooler shows (never fear, Matt, I will be changing the sheets before we sleep in them again).



14 responses to “You Have Got to be Kidding Me.

  1. Been there – twice. Yuck. Poor guy.You probably know of it already but there is a swish and spit that helps – it’s one part Milk of Magnesia with one part children’s benedryl liquid. K and A both had it once and K was so bad even the doc flinched when she saw her mouth. That magic mouthwash combo has worked for us. I hope he feels better soon!

  2. Oh poor guy. 😦 I have no experience with HFM so I’m just praying for him and you.

  3. Ugh!!! We really should have taken him to the orchard Sunday…

  4. Oh, for crying out loud!! Poor kid. Both Calla & Claire had it (last spring?), so you’ll have to ask Andrea about any hints their pediatrician gave. I think they felt fine, & Calla was allowed to go to preschool. Seems like once they’re in the rash/blister stage, they’re not contagious, but I may not be remembering that right. Hope the mouthwash helps & he’s feeling better over the wkend. I agree: “You’ve Got to Be Kidding!” 😦

    • The CDC says that “blister fluid” can spread the disease…ugh. I’ll text Andrea for suggestions. Thanks for reminding me! I think one of the boys had a really mild case of this once, but it was a long time ago.

  5. A friend of Lucas’s just had this… in 7th grade. I thought it was an early elementary age thing. Guess not. Good luck! And maybe he already had the bug before “the balloon incident.” Maybe….

  6. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So sorry lady! Did you tell him how he got sick? Poor boy. I’m really sorry Nicole.

    • Oh you bet I did! I told him, “we can never be sure exactly where germs come from, but there’s a really good chance you got this from that balloon.” HFM incubation period is 3-6 days. First canker sore 3 days after the balloon. Not a coincidence.

  7. Oh no!!!! Gabe’s getting over impetigo here. Too bad they don’t have the same source of blistery rash or they could hang out. You can borrow our 2 gallon sprayer for your Lysol. Kidding. Sort of.

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