Finding a Happy Place.

Bennett is our kid that needs a lot of sleep. Way more than his brothers to be able to function well. He knows this, and generally does not put a fight if we say we need a really early bedtime to compensate for a late one or two. He falls asleep within minutes of getting in bed every night no matter the time, and morning always comes too soon for this kid. That’s what happens when you live life with the intensity he does.

Jack Henry wakes up making cute comments about how early it is; Luke gets up with his alarm half the time and if I have to wake him, he just gets up without a problem; Bennett, not so much. Particularly on Mondays. He is so, so grumpy.

Like this morning. After 11 hours of sleep, he couldn’t believe I had the audacity to wake him in time for school. He proceeded to complain and grumble until I threatened to take away privileges after school if I didn’t see him up and moving.

Parenting. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

By the time he made it down to breakfast, he was acting somewhat human, but I was, at this point, counting the minutes until he went to school.

Because I don’t want to spend the whole day annoyed at him, even in his absence, I’m choosing to find a happy memory of him. And sharing it here, because I just realized that I shared some pictures on Facebook, but I didn’t post about it here, in my kids’ baby book. šŸ™‚

On Labor Day weekend, Bennett’s baseball team was in a tournament at their home ballpark. They played a game Thursday night (won by forfeit; the other team only had 7 players show), another Friday night (won), another on Saturday (won), and yet another on Sunday (they won, but we missed this game because we were out of town at a family reunion). So then on Monday, they were seeded #1. They won their first game, which meant they were playing for the championship right after that.

There had been a mix-up in the scheduling of the tournament, and while Bennett’s team is 8U (8 yrs and under), a 9U team had accidentally been allowed to register for their tournament. The coaches, however, all agreed that it was fine to let them play in it. Of course, this was the team they had to face in the championship game.

It was so fun, and so totally nerve-wracking (related: Bennett pitched an inning or two, I don’t remember at this point, and while I usually do ok when the boys pitch, this make me crazy. I had to stand up and force myself not to pace, because I didn’t want B to see me pacing!). This team has worked so.hard. over the last 2 years (almost year-round), and they had not done well in tournament play previously. But this day was different. It was a close game, but they ended up winning, walk-off style!

We love this community so much that has formed on our baseball team. It was really fun to be able to share this with them! And, it was fun for one of my kids to win a trophy that is meaningful (because I’ve made it abundantly clear how I feel about participation trophies), and for me to see my other 2 boys so excited for their brother.

I’m competitive, and I like winning. But way more than that, I love seeing my kids work hard, improve, and sometimes get rewarded for that.

And that’s my happy Bennett memory for the day. I feel better already.

5 responses to “Finding a Happy Place.

  1. I feel so bad for both you & Bennett about the “rise & shine” issue. Although I don’t require as much sleep as many people, I absolutely HATE getting up in the morn. Doesn’t matter whether I went to sleep at 9 PM or 3 AM; I don’t wake up well. And would prefer not to talk. You can imagine what joy existed in our house on school morns from 1980-1999 AND then even until I retired in ’07!!! So I feel Bennett’s pain & yours for dealing w/ it. šŸ˜¦

    But those photos–what a huge thrill, big accomplishment, & forever memory!!! Good for you for turning your morning around!

  2. Is he too young for coffee? šŸ™‚

  3. lucy is bennett. i’ve been taking notes….

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