Family Night.

Since school started, I’ve made a conscious effort to have one “family night” a week. Since Luke and Bennett each have a baseball practice near the dinner hour once a week, and on those nights I make something quick that can be eaten on the go if needed.

There aren’t many guidelines, but here’s what I’ve been making sure of: dinner is something everyone *should* like, hypothetically. Therefore, I will only try a new recipe on family night if I think it’s fail-proof and guaranteed to be loved (and to make sure dinnertime is pleasant and a success, I make something like beer bread, which is a treat).

I try to have dinner ready when Matt gets home at 6, and the boys do their part by getting their homework/reading and showers done before dinner, so we have some time to just hang out. They’re super cooperative, too, do I get the sense they like this time as much as I do ;).


The last several weeks we’ve been watching our DVR’d episodes of the Great Food Truck Race, and tonight we’ll watch the last of those. Tomorrow is a late start day for the boys, so we’ll have time for a game or 2 before bed, too. Over the next several (I hope!!) weeks, Cardinals playoff baseball will be part of family nights as well.

So chime in. What makes a family night special at your house? I’d love new ideas!

Also, they’re totally not paying me for this (but they could if they wanted) but you should buy this Trader Joe’s Salted Caramel Sauce ASAP. It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever, and a perfect family night dessert-maker (sundaes, apples and dip, a spoonful straight out of the jar. Not that I’ve ever done that.). The whole family loved it during last week’s family night! Obviously, it’s much cheaper in the store than that link shows – go get it!


2 responses to “Family Night.

  1. This is not about Trader Joe’s sauce but about the most recent posts about Family nights and the little stories about your boys. I have really been behind in reading your blog and have been enjoying those stories tonight. If only more parents were like you and more families were like your family the world would be happier and more peaceful!

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