Happy 14.

It’s tomorrow. But this post is ready early, for once, so I’m just posting it now!

ahh, memories.

i’ve spent the past 3 years annoyed that i had to plan a wedding without the benefit of pinterest.

To commemorate our anniversary this year, I’ve decided to just write a little bit about Matt. I don’t often tell his stories, but a few have accumulated over the past weeks, and I decided to write them down.

They’re random, and a combination of serious and funny. Like him. He’s all three of those things.

1. I bought a new fall wreath. Which is kind of monumental for me, because they’re usually more expensive than I think they should be, but also because I think most wreaths are ugly. So when I found one at HomeGoods that I really liked for $30, I decided to go for it. It’s hanging on the door to the basement, which is in the kitchen.

fall wreath

Several hours after I hung it up (but only a couple after Matt was home from work), he noticed it and asked, “How long has this been here?” I told him just a few hours, that I was impressed he noticed it already, and asked if he liked it. He studied it for a few seconds and said, “No. Not really.” We’ve been married long enough that I don’t care if he likes or not. It’s staying up until I decorate for Christmas.

2. Matt spends hours and hours coaching (and talking about coaching) our 2 older boys’ baseball teams. I love the energy he’s pouring into this, and I pray our boys will remember this as they grow. And Jack Henry isn’t being left out of this; the two of them are about to spend some one-on-one time at the batting cages together, and JH can’t wait. He’s a good dad to them, and I’m so glad he finally listened to my gentle encouragement prodding about helping coach.

3. When we were very first married, I don’t think we designated whose pillow was whose (in fact, we didn’t even have set sides of the bed for a couple of years). However, I quickly learned that we could NOT share pillows. He absolutely destroys them, claiming he’s making them better.

Exhibit A:

see all of those lumps? this pillow was so amazingly comfortable when i bought it for him last year! now? ruined.

see all of those lumps? this pillow was so amazingly comfortable when i bought it for him last year! now? ruined.

4. When my blog was pretty new, I wrote about his superpower of invisibility, and also how he likes to use his superhuman strength to close things. I’ve recently realized he has another superpower: the ability to forget whatever information he doesn’t need to store in his brain. Stay with me.

I, on the other hand, remember a LOT of useless garbage, which makes me fairly good at trivia, and not so much good at normal things like remembering appointments (thank you, iPhone calendar, for saving the day so many times). For instance, I have old TV theme songs playing in my head on a regular basis. I’m sure this is not normal, but we can unpack that another time.

I’m convinced Matt has the ability to hear/read something and decide whether it’s worth filing away (or simply tune out information he deems not relevant*). For instance, when recently researching cameras, I told him I was choosing between a Nikon and a Canon. We spent some time research pluses and minuses of each, and after a little while, he said, “I think you should go with the Canon. I’ve never even heard of Nikon.” I’m sorry; what? You’ve never even heard of Nikon? I mean, I get that cameras aren’t your thing, but you’ve never heard of one of the biggest camera companies in the world?

Conversely, he can file away minutiae that he deems important. John Axford recently joined the Cardinals’ relief pitching staff. He watched him throw in a game, and asked me, “Did he get traded from the Brewers? I think he did. His mechanics look familiar.”


He remembers the mechanics of a guy the Cards face a few times a year who’s not even a starter? This is crazy to me. But, see? Relevant information to a baseball guy.



*The obvious downside to this is that on occasion, he might glitch and forget something very important his wife has told him.

12 responses to “Happy 14.

  1. I love the fall wreath!

  2. Great post! I’m still trying to wrap my head around shared pillows and undefined bed rules! I. Would. Die.

  3. Love Laurie’s comment! When Ron goes in to bed before I do (as usual) and when I finally go in myself, I am TOTALLY grossed out if he’s grabbed my pillow & is lying on it (along w/ his own, of course)! No matter how half-asleep I am, I have to go get a clean pillowcase before I snatch it away!

    Re: #4–love it!! I’ve actually read a lot about this very real phenomenon of how our minds immediately sort through all kinds of input, whipping it into pigeon holes labeled according to where the info falls on our personal “need to know” spectrum! Makes sense how I Iisten to people, hear them (I mean really hear them & have it register), & then can’t recall any details later of what they said! NOT SO GOOD, though, when (at times) spouses operate on such different spectrums of what’s meaningful!! 😉

    I’m looking forward to next week too!

    • I’m cracking up at you going to get a new pillowcase!

      I love the research you’ve read…Matt would be the PERFECT candidate for them to study this further. 🙂

  4. owensjudy@aol.com

    Happy Anniversary!

    Judy O

  5. love this! dying to see pics/posts from your trip! hoor-ay! and happy anniversary 🙂

  6. Happy Anniversary to you two!!!! Enjoy the trip to Boston:)

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