Resuming Shortly.

Pardon the long interruption in blog posts, but I had really good reason…Matt and I were vacationing in Boston for 5 glorious days, getting home on Thursday morning.

And I have to admit, as really happy as I was to see the boys on Thursday after school (it was a great reunion at school), and as fun as a Friday night Cardinals’ victory at home to send them to the World Series is, I’m in a bit of a funk today. Totally normal when the best trip you’ve ever taken ends, right?

That’s right. It was the best ever. I think even edging out Laguna Beach by a hair. Beating our honeymoon by a longshot…for one thing, there was no vomiting on this trip*, and that automatically propels this one over the honeymoon.

Plus? The more I think about a honeymoon, the more it makes me laugh. The idea that you need a getaway from the stress of planning a wedding (I get it, weddings are stressful. But so are jobs, a kid, another kid, yet another kid, and everything that goes with kids and marriage and families and owning a house) just kinda cracks me up when you put it in perspective later in life.

So this Saturday, I’m throwing myself a tiny pity party, thinking about last Saturday, when we flew to Boston midday, arrived there at 4:45pm, to our apartment at 5:15, and by 6:00 we’d unpacked and headed out to find a sports bar to watch the end of the Cardinals’ game and enjoy the first of many adult beverages that would be consumed over the next few days. I’ll be over this soon, promise.

There’s day 1 of our trip! Much, much more to come. I can’t wait to document the fun we had. I’m going to break it down into several posts…next up is the amazing studio we rented (it’s called “The Nest!” Isn’t that adorable?) and the neighborhood where we stayed. Brace yourself for a million pictures of the gorgeous buildings from the mid-late 1800’s that line the blocks of Beacon Hill.

*I guess I’ve only mentioned it in short comments here and there on my blog over the years as opposed to devoting a whole blog post to the fact that we were on a cruise ship in a hurricane on our honeymoon. I was SICK, as was much of the crew, and water washed up on the ship several decks high (such that the carpeting was wet everywhere the rest of our trip). It was pretty crappy. Super crappy, actually.

4 responses to “Resuming Shortly.

  1. so so fun! quincy market is what i was trying to remember when i was talking about boston in eham! jeff and i looked at the pics together and are a little eager, to say the least, to have an adults only vaca again! can’t wait to hear more!

  2. I, too, think there’s something not quite right about the timing of honeymoons! A couple days/nights at a nice hotel nearby is good, but big travels would be more appreciated in coming years! Of course, I realize life gets in the way & expenses do too, so for many couples, delayed honeymoons may never happen. 😦

    Can’t wait to read your blog chapters of your trip, as well as lots of pics!

  3. “The Idea that you need to get away from the stress of planning a wedding….just kinda cracks me up later in life.” BwahahahHahahaha! ME TOO!

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