Boston: The Nest and Beacon Hill

Since we knew nothing about Boston, we enlisted the help of some friends to give us some guidance about where to stay/eat. One friend in particular helped us a ton ahead of time, and then while we were there I texted her frequently, so Hillary, this is my big thank you to you…you seriously made this trip go so smoothly with all of your helpful tips! I still wish I could’ve packaged up Figs and sent it your way!

With the info we had, we decided that we’d much rather stay in an apartment than a hotel, which meant that we’d try to find a place to stay in Beacon Hill. I spent lots of evenings sorting through listings on VRBO, and we finally settled on a cute little place called “The Nest.” {If you plan a trip to Boston, please consider staying in this studio…Paul is very easy to work with and has thought of every bit of information you might need as someone new to the city and his place!}

We just couldn’t have been happier with our choice. The studio was snug, yes, and it was up 3 narrow flights of stairs, but it was oh-so-perfect for 2. And the location, smack in the middle of everything, was awesome, too. We were a 10 minute walk to so many things, like our favorite breakfast at Panificio, my favorite dinner at Figs (for the rest of my life, I’ll be wondering if I’ll ever eat focaccia like that), the Common and Public Garden, Acorn Street, the subway, etc. You get it. Perfection.

One memorable thing happened right when we got there. We unlocked the door, oohed and aahed over how cute it was, and then I heard water running. From behind the closed bathroom door. So I opened it to find the bathroom COMPLETELY steamed up – I’m talking water dripping down the walls, from the windowsill – and the shower running full blast behind a closed shower curtain. Now, I don’t watch scary movies, ever, because I know what is probably behind that shower curtain in this scenario – a dead body, obviously.

I yelled for Matt to come open the shower curtain, and I’m not joking when I say I held my breath and winced when he pulled back the curtain to reveal…nothing. Of course. We emailed the owner, and he thought a new cleaning lady maybe had trouble turning it off or something? The shower was a bit complicated (steps on how to use it were posted in the shower!), but we were able to turn it off and on. Very weird, and thankfully not a crime scene, though the humidity remained for at least 2 days in the bathroom.

Take a peak at The Nest and Beacon Hill!

4 responses to “Boston: The Nest and Beacon Hill

  1. The pics are exactly what I’d picture when thinking of Boston neighborhoods!! And that apt is darling & perfect!! “Ghost”–love it! 😉


    I loved all the pictures.


  3. Heavenly!!! Love. Creepy steam and all. 😉

  4. Wow! Love it! Adorable apartment!

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