Today is the 6th anniversary of my blog, and this is my 1501st post!

I don’t have my next Boston post ready, but I do have these funnies to share:

1. Yesterday Luke ran a mile for PE (they do this several times a year). I asked how it went, and he said, “Well, I’m not my best when it’s this cold (it was about 38 yesterday morning during PE for him). I didn’t have my best time at all.”
Me: “Well that’s ok! You won’t always run your best time, you know. How fast did you run it?”
Luke: “7:39.”
Me: “Um Luke? I’ve literally never in my whole life run a mile that fast!”
Luke: “Eh. It’s fine.”

For the record: my fastest mile since getting in shape is around 10 minutes, and I’ve never been able to replicate it.

2. I know I mentioned on Facebook, but I don’t think I did on here, that Bennett’s baseball hat for his team from last summer stunk SO BAD that I almost couldn’t be in the van with him with the windows up. His gear bag stunk, too, from it. So near the end of the summer season, I washed it. I was nervous about what might happen to it, but I had no choice. Thankfully, it came out fine, and while the smell didn’t completely vanish, it was significantly better.

Luke and Bennett had to get fitted this week for their baseball uniforms for next spring (I know…super dumb. 6 months is a long time in kid growth potential. But I digress…). When the lady asked if he already had a hat, I said, “Yes, but he’s getting a new one for next year,” and Bennett flipped out.

“But MOM! That’s my HAT. I KNOW it’s dirty and smelly but it shows that I play hard. I’m NOT getting a new one.”

Me, in that quiet-but-firm-I-am-not-messing-around-here voice: “Yes, you are. You can dirty this one up, too.”

For real? How can you be so attached to something that smells that bad?

3. Jack Henry and I were walking through school today after the bell rang. 3 of his classmates (all girls) ran over to him and said goodbye, and then one asked him for a hug. Then the next, and the next, and I’m not even kidding, Jack Henry said, “Come and get it!” All four of them stood there hugging each other. It was adorable. And freaked me out a little bit.

Thank you, friends, for reading along and sticking around for so long. I’m so grateful. And the next post will be a fun giveaway that I’ve done every year for the past several, so you’ll want to come back and enter to win!

3 responses to “1501.

  1. I’ve never, ever run a 7:39 mile either. Impressive!

  2. Crazy impressive run, Luke!
    I totally understand Bennett’s attachment. I had a disgusting Cardinals hat that I LOVED and mom hated, but it was broken in perfect.
    And Jack Henry, that’s stinking hilarious!

  3. Of course, until you put Luke’s time into some kind of perspective, I had NO IDEA if it was good or bad! Obviously, it’s awesome!

    Bennett & that hat. “It shows that I play hard!” I can just picture his brain thinking that!

    JH the Casanova: “Come & get it!” You might start worrying about that kid! 😉

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